An interesting twist with a popular registrar

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  1. Mekason

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    Hi name pros,
    Am going to share an interesting experience with a popular registrar and I seek advice and suggestions.
    I shortlisted the following names for handreg at dynadot via their android app,
    I ordered the names on dynadot and got an email confirming the order, then followed by another email that they were unable to debit my account and that no reason was given by my bank for the failure. I tried immediately to carryout the payment and the app showed "system maintenance" error. A few minutes later the site was on and I discovered that and had both been registered and listed by a seller "" on Dan with make offer.
    This got me so much upset but am unsure where to direct my rage. is a mistype which I discovered when I actually intended to type metaverse and thought many more people could make same mistype and decided to reg the names.
    Please pros I have a few questions:
    1. Do registrars or dynadot specifically check customers cart and "steal" ideas they see as profitable.
    2. Could it be that my phone was bugged by "" or his/her affiliates
    3. Has anyone had similar experiences
    4. I would equally appreciate if a dynadot rep will respond to this.
    I have attached screenshots evidence to this.
    **Please share this for max exposure, your inputs is greatly appreciated.

    For the time, I've regged the other names with inclusion of and will list all for $1000 till 60 day lock is over before any increase. Just a pricing experiment now.
    Thanks all

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  2. FolioTeam

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    If an idea is good, bet you that you wouldn't be the only one thinking of it. Especially, for recently trending niches
  3. twiki

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    Also, about Dynadot.

    Have thousands domains with Dynadot for years. Never got such problem, never heard of from anyone else.

    Every serious domainer here that has a dynadot account will tell you the same.

    Just a guess, I'd rather expect my phone is being tapped into by other apps with access to data, and not this. A third party in some form or another.

    The concern exists though elsewhere. Certain domain registrars are doing things like this and I've just got framed yesterday in a similar manner by another major registrar. But never Dynadot. In fact if they did something like this they'd lose their pool of investors fast.

    On NP, I can safely say most of us trust Dynadot. There's a select group of registrars that investors use and Dynadot is top among them.

    I currently have several thousand names at Dynadot. I do such searches on a regular basis. Again, never had any issue. But I always use their site; so my thinking is, this might be app related. (if not just a simple coincidence BTW).

    Again I have zero doubts that Dynadot would endorse such behavior. I have an account manager with them, had another as well, anyway I know how they work and this is not something I see them doing.

    Lastly, such trend domains are indeed prone to be fast registered anyway.
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  4. karmaco

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    I agree with twiki. I have had names in my cart for very long periods of time before purchase and never one single issue with Dynadot on this. Did you type the name anywhere else like a valuation tool?

    Now the maintenance that takes the whole site down for short periods of time is truly annoying and tacky. At least you get a warning timer before it happens.
  5. Lox

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  6. Mekason

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    They usually notify me of the maintenance ahead of time, but am just worried because the names were shown as available on 30th and accepted as valid orders, then for the first time they had issues debiting my acct followed by unscheduled maintenance for about 5 mins and then names gone. Now whois info is showing domain reg date as 29th. And both regged by same account.
    The coincidence of all this is just too much to accept especially as the typoo name does not show up in keyword searches

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  7. pablohc86

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    it's already happened to me.
    it's pretty rare but you can have a registrar telling you a domain is available to reg when it's not.
    there are also registrar that take 1 day or a very long time to fully register a domain name.
    Maybe it's something like this.

    to remove you any doubt you could check your names directly on the whois and with a computer
  8. Dynadot

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    We don't track domains added to shopping carts, and also don't register any domain names ourselves. If the domains were added to your shopping cart whilst available and then registered by someone else before your order had been submitted they would still be included in the order, but the registration would fail, unfortunately. In these cases the cost of the domain is automatically refunded to your account balance, but we can have that refunded to the original payment method at your request.
  9. Mekason

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    OK, I hope I can have better experiences at your platform going forward.

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