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Hello NPers

I catched the domain name from the drop list
The dotnet registered since 2000 and listed for 10k$ and the dotcom was registered before the dotnet before dropped
Someone from canada registered the dotorg 10 days ago
.de .nl .ru also all taken

Al-Koran, I took it Because in arabic language Al = THE and its must when u translate from English to arabic transiliration

As You know 6 months ago sold for 45k$ at godaddy expired auction Namebio

Also I know that Quran prime term and Koran also used in Arabic language and many other languages the domain which registered at the dot ru Developed also Koran/Quran Website and its look so good but I cant understand it because the website developed with Russian language never developed before, actually I was monitoring it from years, never developed before

And have some good traffic I notice it only at control panel

My question, Al-Koran have any other uses in different languages? Or only used for al-Koran the holy book of islam,
The traffic to the dotcom which I owned is a type-in-traffic or something just come from the Russian Developed one?
At bodis / parking websites in general you can look at traffic countries
Can I find this at dan?

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