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I am a big fan of the .IO extension and hold a number of premium generic one word names in it. I have a project I have been working on and planned on using a (non premium) .IO name to launch it. The other night, late at night (when I do most of my domaining), I did a search and saw my name was available as a .AI. It is taken in every other extension. I figured it was a mistake, but i added it to the cart and checked out. Low and behold, the name actually was available and is mine now. I am in shock! For a hand reg. wow.

Anyways, my question(s) to the community are this:
1.) .IO is popular for gaming websites, and this domain is for a "game", although with the .AI extension. Is this still a good play using a generic phrase in .AI compared to a (2) word .IO domain?

2.) Are .AI domains popular for gaming as well (gaming meaning simple games you'd find on your desktop)?

3.) What is the overall market for .AI vs .IO if I wanted to sell the entire thing in the future? If it was .com it would be insanely high, but would the .IO and .AI have similar marketability and sellability?

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I like the AI domain. Recently hand registered a strong one word .AI that was taken in over 100 extensions.

So still some bargains to be had. I am also seeing more developed sites using it.


They are expensive. I only hold one and don't have any immediately plans to buy more. But I suspect they are going to increase in popularity, especially for end users who don't want to pay big bucks for a more common extension.
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