AI Content (Human-Assisted) with ChatGPT 4 - From $5 per article (2000-3000+ words)

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I'm Alex, a freelancer who has been writing for over 15 years, first for my websites and then for my clients. I've specialized in casino content for the last 11+ years, particularly slot machine reviews, casino reviews, etc. If anyone needs regular human-written content, I can help you, and the price would be $3/100 words.

Many freelancers, myself included, are having trouble competing with ChatGPT and the rest of the AI services offering content these days. I've heard reports of some content companies (Word Agents) losing 70% of their income this year. Others have gone out of business.

I'm trying to adapt to the changing market, and my offer is AI content generated through ChatGPT 4.

The process is this:

1. I start with the keyword given by the client, and I take it through Frase.io (paid account) to generate an outline based on the headings used by websites in the top 20 in Google. This is the result: https://app.frase.io/doc/preview/83898b3fe68e43f8a5df7eecdcea52bc
2. I use ChatGPT 4 to improve the outline, adding more ideas to each section of that initial outline, along with LSI keywords. The result is an outline like this: click here
3. I then feed ChatGPT 4 each section of that outline, one at a time, asking it to write the article based on the ideas, keywords, and LSI keywords provided. It can take 15+ prompts for each article, from start to finish.
4. I copy/paste the resulting article given by ChatGPT 4 to a docx or Google Docs file.

This is the resulting article (2800 words): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SDo1coYW_ymB0vDWnERcbEcjV3OC5lC1zhxk6wWvZ8Q/edit?usp=sharing

5. I can create 1-2 images with Midjourney and add them to the article.
6. I can post the articles on your site.

$5 per AI article

The price is $5 per article of 2000+ words (can be over 3000 words, depending on the topic). It also depends on the keyword, some may not need that much content. It usually comes out at less than $0.20 for 100 words.

Each article takes me 15-20+ minutes, so I feel like that's a fair price.

Payment via PayPal or debit/credit card (my invoice can include a payment link to a card processor).

Roulette Table Odds
What do hedgehogs eat

- $1 for 2 Midjourney images introduced in the article. It works better for some niches than for others. Example: Tap Dancing Gecko
- $15 per hour if you want me to post the articles on your site. This can be fairly cheap per article if you install a plugin like this.

If you have your own prompts and additional requirements, the price can go up.

Who is this for:
I would recommend it for evergreen niches, where it knows the answers. I wouldn't ask it for a review of the latest slot machine or technology-related stuff. I have also tested product reviews, feeding the specs and descriptions myself and then asking it to analyze them. It can work like that if you provide it with the relevant information.

This could be an option if you have domains you always wanted to develop but never had the time to do it. For $100, you can get 20 articles with 50,000+ words.

PS: I realize this topic may be controversial. Please be respectful, even if you disagree with the use of AI.
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