Advise pplease - bulk sale of 800 generic NET names

I'm looking for some advise. I want to sell a big part of my .NET portfolio (close to 800) domains.
All expiring from Februay 1st 2017 until January 31st 2018.

Selling them 1-by-1 is not an option, so it will need to be done in bulk (preferably 1 batch, but batches of 50 domains each will work for me as well).

What's is your experience and advise for selling these domains in bulk?
Batches it will need to be. But so far I haven't found (many) suitable platforms / buyers for bulk transactions. So this is where I'd like to learn from your experiences on bulk sales.

The quality and type of names is quite diverse (the part of the entire set of 800 names that will expire in February (so a random sample in terms of quality) can be found here:
IMO you are going to find it rather difficult to find a buyer for those names. Definitely turn off auto renew. List them at Godaddy Auctions and price low $XXX. You still have some time prior to expiration. Every week lower the pricing slightly and continue doing so on a weekly basis. You might get lucky with a few but .Net domains are not easy to sell particularly now that there are hundreds of alternative TLD options. People want to buy exceptional domains at low prices. When they are presented with a domain of comparable quality to what they could get for reg fee, there is no motivation to pay a premium for such a domain.