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I have the domain,

I got it because it sounded catchy and it was short. I have it parked, and also up for sale on Sedo & Godaddy.

It's generating a lot of traffic on Sedo parking, not actual 'clicks' that earn me $, but rather people visiting the site.

My question is, how should I market this domain? Z508 is not a product or brand name, so I don't know what to use for key words, or why so many people are going there.

I should point out, it's 24 unique visitors in last 48 hours, so it may not really be a lot, but most of my parked domains are getting 8-12 uniques over the same period of time.

I know that you can't go by domain appraisal sites like Estibot but Estibot does seem to like this domain appraising it for $1600 for whatever that is worth.

The site has this to say:(if only it was true)

"Z508 is worth $253,695
Keywords: Php, Holidays, Birthdays
Hosting company: Strato Rechenzentrum

Site language: English
The process of detecting the language is automatic therefore there might be occasional mistakes. If you find a mistake please let us know and we'll fix it.
Alexa country: N/A
Alexa global rank: N/A
Alexa is a website analytics service. It ranks all the major sites on the web. Lower the number more popular is website

The info above seems old because it's not hosted with the hosting CO listed above

In 2009, the domain was a web forum dealing with the game 'Runescape', and more recently, it was a chinese site.

Any help or advice is appreciated.
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