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    Registrar registers your domain and takes your PayPal money and suspends the hosting account so it can report the monthly trademark issues and other features, infringements nope, but WIPO didn't care until verisign imposed restrictions on license for squatting, hacking of servers poontang, cloudlet, apps and phishing, which causes most regular systems to malfunction and spit out premium, rare, unique, special handregs to vastly overpopulated Google PageRanking domainers who click thru, only high paying ads, affiliates, not low CPC ads, earning pennies and free presence of affiliated resellers, parking trolls,scammers, and not Established dickwagons and It hurts KingofTop domainer when rubbish domains causes cancer survivors to smoke weed while driving alone on real narrow slice of historical road edging stones and potholes flood the stomach when suddenly, out of the blue things stopped working and suddenly nature rebelled until event logging started surfacing resulting in loss of data migration and during Tool Sprawl but tonight's main concern was the new Cloud Hosting, that cloudlet rained brandables fog, so we jumped on bandwagon hoping to vote against the evil 1&1 debt, ICCAN did an so that is how ccTLD's started to take over my portfolio at unexpected browser happened then surprisingly hosting reboot failed until cloudflare snorted and ended up giving up the ghost,adieu brethens, took charge and revived it, until crashed Amazon without rackspace, managed dedicated SSD, & fast farts, UTC was not punked but integrated towards interstellarlavatory transported without any toilet-paper scratching around Donald Duck's feathery website design, until somebody stole unexpectedly a deleted ToolSprawl from cloudlet and then uber taxied them away to thunderbox bitcoin loo hardware wallet panda PrivateKey exchange gibberish t*rd eater CUSIP selfdriving selfie when someone decided to defecate proudly like a professional defecator aiming right onto the emoji hole until bleeding worms Trump his hemorrhoidal 420 bursting currency inflated Initiative300 concentrates, topicals and vaporisers are infused with a glass bong that smells like Monte Initiative502 "Premiums" for registration purposes Caviarcones for ladies apparel, botrob fullstopthisisaterriblesentenceletsstartoverstop cannabis etc ain't going mainstream til the last domain is sold and the end of Trump is new, however he will be looking for tictac sold breathalyzers and the Virtual Currency, Bitcoin surpasses, and memes point to the poster and made irreversible changes happen regardless the
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