Ad or miner better for earning income from traffic?

Discussion in 'Domain Parking and Traffic Monetization' started by miklcct, Jun 13, 2018 at 2:52 PM.


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    If I have got a website with a large amount of traffic and want to monetize it, is it better to put banner ads or put a coin miner in the site?

    1. Assume that the amount of traffic is the same, which method earns more money?
    2. What's the likelihood of a user turns away when they see inappropriate ads on an otherwise useful website. Will the likelihood increases if the ad shows tracked user preferences?
    3. There was a case that uninformed coin mining is illegal in a U.S. state, namely this one: Is the same scenario tested in court in other countries or regions, especially Hong Kong or China? I'm simply not interested in the U.S. and my site will not target U.S. users. Furthermore, for uninformed coin mining, what's the likelihood a user will go away if found out, if I set my coin miner to operate at 60% CPU speed?
    4. If I do informed coin mining, and display a mining policy upon entering the website, what's the likelihood a user will go away seeing these kinds of things?
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    I'd be royally pissed and would make sure to submit your domain to all possible blacklists if you had an "uninformed" miner... It's just a sh*tty and bad practice imo
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    Seriously? :banghead:

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