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Happy Friday readers, we have got to the end of another working week for those who work a 9 – 5, now it’s time to kick into domaining mode to research and see what others are registering, Review and analyze the domain name drops to see if they can find the next domain name to sell for big dollars… Today we have 88 x Recently Registered Domain Names by Amazon, NetFlix, Microsoft, NBC Universal & Warner Brothers

How do we find out about these domain name registrations? We use our research partner that allows you to set up search alerts on whois registrations by person or entity and I monitor a number of companies such as the below… Do you want me to monitor someone for you? Then why not drop a comment below or email me.

A lot of the time the domain names are registered for brand protection on new or upcoming products, movies, tv shows, etc but it’s nice to check out the list and then reflect back sometimes and say really that million or sometimes billion-dollar corporation just registered that domain…