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828148.com; 148178.com; each starting bid at $10

Labeled as auction in Domain Auctions started by heartland, Aug 13, 2017.


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    Very lucky 6N domains; One with 3 Eights, and one with 2 Eights, and both ends with Eight.

    148 - meaning "preposterous all your life" “一世发” and 178 - meaning "prosperous together" ”一起发“; 828 - "double prosperous" "发啊发”. You can bid for either one of them. The starting bid is $ 10 each.

    Both domains are registered at Rebel
    Expiry : Sept, 23, 2017
    Bid will close if no bid on Aug. 31 because I will need to renew the domains. Hopefully this will not break the rules here, if yes, please inform me and i will change accordingly.

    Auction Conditions:

    Auction Starts from $10
    Increment: $2
    BIN : TBA

    Auction ends 72 hours after the highest bid

    Payment: Paypal
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