NameSilo sold at 39800 RMB on reg ENAME

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    I just saw the news sold at 39800 RMB on reg ENAME,
    About 5,685 in dollars,
    I said I don't understand this domain name,
    Don't understand why this domain name is so expensive,
    It's estimated to be worth between $10 and $100 in normal times,
    Do you understand this domain name?
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    1,141 and are booming at the moment... I recently sold one myself and buyer paid BIN with no negotiation. This being said, USD 5600 for such a name is definitely extremely high and it is not Chinese premium so I'm not sure why the sale happened.
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    I sold for $80 and it was a good deal. More than $5000? It's totally ridiculous.

    I think NLLL's are worthless.
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    What domain name are you selling?
    How much is it?
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    I think so too.
    But don't know why this domain name can sell so high price
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    No offense man but YOU should understand better than us because you are from China & why investors from China buy stupid names & pay huge amount of money
    For example why pay 50k for 787 .cc ? 1. mean nothing , 2 .cc it's one of the worst extensions ( term of sale or meaning ) , is a ccTLD NOT a TLD like .biz , .info .com etc.. but notice chinese investors are still folished by someone to buy crap names etc.. but why to pay $100 for NNN .biz i have - better to pay 50k money that can't return as investment in a million years - but again , i am glad that a chinese investors wasted 50k for a stupid name like 787 .cc or 5k for a stupid .com - after all China is the only country in the world in this pandemic ( caused by someone , secret not tell who ) with economic grow in 2020
    I talk with some people from China & say to me about chinese "power of many" (regards of pandemic ) another chinese ( i was worry because not see him on social media almost 1 month & think happen somethig with him ) , but now is very good & wealthy , was frustrated that he made only 200k from mask on gloves , meanwhile his friends made 1 million USD in one month in March 2020.
    Another chinese on my social media say - " we know the domain name business ( investors , people from china etc..) we on over 10 years " - no problem i say "you have 10 years of experience - americans have 30 years" :xf.wink:
    627u .com that person pay 5k because he can & maybe like but nothing special or something in what to invest.
    P.S. and domain name business can't evolve in China long as almost 99% of specialized site are only in chinese language or QQ is only for chinese or other form of communication & don't have at least english language , long as social media is restricted in China etc..
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    My recommendation is that never touch that thing don't be fish, I never want those garbages.

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