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Rule 6.7.2 is a sub-rule of 6.7 which encompasses all marketplace "Requests". (Some more than others)

Here's the official breakdown of 6.7 and all sub-set rules:

6.7. Requests (»)
6.7.1. Only submit domains within the buyer’s posted criteria and guidelines.
6.7.2. Specify an exact numerical range (or an exact figure) for your budget per item (e.g., "up to $1 million for each domain name" in Domain Buyer Requests). Vague ranges (e.g., "$XX,XXX" or "the order of magnitude of my budget is 4"), $0 budgets (e.g., free domains), and "unlimited" price ranges are not allowed.
6.7.3. Budget prefixes must be representative of your budget per item (e.g., the thread prefix budget: above $5,000 in Domain Buyer Requests means the buyer's budget is greater than $5,000 per domain name).
6.7.4. Include the domains, their prices, and the broker’s commission in all posts for Domain Broker Wanted.
6.7.5. According to rule 6.1.32, do not offer to trade domains using Domain Buyer Requests.
6.7.6. The Services rules, specifically the ones for Developers and Designers for Hire, apply in the Websites Wanted and Web Development section.

Moderator teams do generally enforce the above rules on a case by case bases (E.g. 6.7.2 when-ever a buyer is purchasing, regardless if it's just for a domain or for a website)

We hope that information helps.