1st Sale = 1st deadbeat buyer

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  1. ThatDomainGuy

    ThatDomainGuy Established Member

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    Just sharing my update on my amazing1st Sale.... a 3month old hand reg for “$2100” 🤗

    The buyer, who I feel like naming just went static and flew the coupe ! 😩

    Dan did everything they could. The buyer simply went silent. Would not respond to all contacting efforts.

    I was given his contact info.
    For those of you that have ever dealt with this , do you reach out to them and thank them for being a dead beat ?

    I’m a little bummed as I was really wanting to put that roi back to work. But heck. I guess there’s nothing I can do about it?
    In the long run, I’m ok with it. Think the name has much more worth then what I was willing to let it go for at the time.

    So it all happens for a reason. PsilocybinWellness will find a proper home, I’m sure of it.

    Thank u to those who congratulated me on my not so sold sale. I owe u a 🍺

    AloHa 🤘🏻
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  2. Joakim

    Joakim VIP

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    Sorry to hear that. But, that can happen quite often. I suggest you wait celebrating and reporting anything until you have the funds.

    Good luck! Still very early days for your name.
  3. Rob Monster

    Rob Monster CEO, Epik Staff PRO VIP Gold Account

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    That is a bummer.

    Perhaps you buyer picked the wrong psycho-active mushroom. The funny thing about the folks who traffic in vice, and crypto, is that they can be mercurial. The best solution is a fast closing -- like within hours.

    If you want help chasing down the buyer, start an escrow transaction here:

    With Epik the buyer can pay in crypto -- sometimes that helps in addition to having a neutral 3rd party managing the process.
  4. Dosebuy

    Dosebuy Page: Twitter: @dosebuy Blue Account

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    Thanks for sharing.
    I feel your frustration.
  5. Jonathan Beadle

    Jonathan Beadle Established Member

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    Yep, happens more often than you would think. I remember i got hit hard the first couple weeks into domaining. I sold a domain for $12k at godaddy, went through to escrow then buyer just didnt pay. Ends up he "didnt mean to buy it". Im glad it didnt put me off though! Just gotta roll with the punches!
  6. wot

    wot Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Until funds are in your hot sweaty little palms a sale has not occurred. Lost count of non paying "buyers" over the years.
  7. NYJimbo

    NYJimbo Domain Re-Animator VIP

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    Let me tell you how I feel: When I get a message that basically says "You and buyer agreed on a price", I get a sick feeling until it says they got the money. If its not paid in the first 24 hours, then I get very pessimistic. :xf.frown:

    A few hours ago I sold a "LLN" .org for $125. It was a bin, so I got the "We just received the payment for the domain name...", tiny money but it felt good right away. :-P

    So don't get too excited until they at least have the money where you sold it.
  8. ThatDomainGuy

    ThatDomainGuy Established Member

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    He was in the Profession , guided mushroom therapist . So you never know ? No bad ju-ju on him. He was super stoked about , being the end user and seemed like a really good dude. Hope all is good on his end i guess.
    Will cost him in the long run if he ever considers the name again. wtf knows . lol
  9. FPForum

    FPForum Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    One thing you'll learn in the domain business is that it's never a done deal until the funds have been received and domain transferred. Still, it sucks when that happens and sorry it had to be on your first sale. I've never bothered contacting the buyer when getting their details, they've obviously changed their mind. Just move on and get over it. Unfortunately, it won't be the first time this happens.
  10. Jv1999

    Jv1999 Spamming Exo: Dark Merc of the Exo-Tower VIP

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    Obv,. Email asking why... he may give a reason. U can call too
  11. hawkeye

    hawkeye Top Member PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    And not just the domain business, but every business!!
  12. Bonsu

    Bonsu Top Contributor VIP

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    Had 2 experience like that with than. The most annoying was the second one where buyer made a first offer of $2500 and 30 minutes later when i saw the offer and countered with$3500, buyer came back with a counteroffer of $2500 in less than an hour. I felt the buyer had a fixed budget and was not ready for negotiation. The price was good enough to reinvest, so i accepted 10 minutes later. Waited for payment and the buyer went missing, so i got a response that the buyer's email and phone number was wrong. With the details of the buyer,
    The company uses the exact domain name as their brand and based in NL but all effort to get the real email address of the buyer has proved abortive as no details of the buyers name can be found on linkedin, twitter or fb.
  13. DomainRecap

    DomainRecap Top Contributor VIP

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    Exactly, and if you get a "sale" treat it like an "offer" until the money is in your bank account. Just forget about it and assume there could be a problem, then you're be double-hyped when it finally does go through.
  14. NameDeck

    NameDeck Top Contributor VIP

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    I'm Dutch. Feel free to DM me the domain details. Might be able to track down real contact info if you're interested.

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