domains $11 to $37 .COMs: Woodbridge Mall, Long Sofa, Best Metal Bands, Banco Pharma (GD $3008), Hurricane Movie, Bank Marketers & More

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.COM (price, details)
Banco Pharma ($29, GD$3008, 6 yrs, "pharma bank")
Bank Marketers ($20, spam score: 1%, GD$1450)
B************ SOLD
Best Metal Bands ($20, Estibot $2300, aged 11 yrs)
Flash Calculator ($20, Estibot $2800, aged 1 yr)
Hurricane Movie ($20, search volume: 2900, EB$1700)
Long Sofa ($20, search volume 480-1000, EB$1200)
Surprise Jobs ($20, brandable, major city in Arizona)
R************** SOLD
K*********** SOLD
J****************** SOLD
Texas Flooding ($35, high search vol., once sold for $995)
O********** SOLD
A************* SOLD
D*********** SOLD
W********* SOLD
Woodbridge Mall ($37, aged 2 yrs, search volume 14-33k)
Zad Link ($27, 8 years, Ahrefs backlink rating: 25)

.NET (price, details)
Name Deals ($35, use for domain portfolio or marketplace)
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K....... sold
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