1 year domain for $1.99 |COM , NET , ORG |



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Am I understanding it correctly...

We have to send you name and you will register it for us...then we pay..

If it is the process.

I am not sure about others... I will never do that and definitely not with some new member here.

Thanks and good luck
Why? It's not dodgy at all..🤣

Irvin raul

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i cant accept paypal anymore just escrow or USDT
Are you registrar, or you have coupon you don't want to share here. If you are in good faith help fellow domainer here why not be more transparent.
Hope you are not exploiting Registrar through Back door, It will be offence.
Only for a limited time
1 year domain for $1.99

To order contact me

You can register any number of domains
Payment : PAYPAL
i cant accept paypal anymore just escrow or USDT
Your opening post says payment paypal, but later on you say you cant accept paypal. U Had 3 weeks to update your original post.
Btw, i wouldn’t give you any form of payment or account info, simply because of your previous actions on here.
you can check your account domain has been transfer to you
Did you not get the name previously as OP stated? @Domain Monk ¿
@Haticus you were saying something about forum administrators giving a poop earlier, the post i disagreed with.
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