budget: above $100 1 word names with HIGH search volume in .com, .net, .org, .io or .co



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I'm looking for 1 word names, where the word is a *thing*, ideally a type of product such as pianos, routers, cups, candies, vacuums, etc. Very very popular things.

I want it to be a very popular thing that gets a lot of search volume. You don't need to look up the search volume that's okay. Something like "podiums" or "mousetraps" are not what I'm looking for, those aren't popular enough. It's hard to explain better, but I'll work on that... Basically, I'll know it when I see it, and you probably have a good idea if your word is a super popular item or not.

I'm looking for wholesale pricing and not end-user prices. Budget is above $100 per name, I'm looking to purchase multiple names. My max budget per name is $500 for something very special.

Primairly looking for higher-tier extensions like com, net, org, io or co. May consider tv if it makes sense with the word. Same goes for .io, I don't want something like "" because it doesn't fit the extension (Other than the food going into the dog and then out of the dog, lul.)

I'll update this thread with examples of the types of word I am looking for, and the types I am not looking for.

Please read:
- 1 word domains in com, net, org, io, co.
- Word must represent an extremely thing/cateogry like "pianos", "panels", "routers", "jeans", etc.
- Budget is $100-$500 per name, and I'm looking for multiple names.
- MAYBE .ca or .tv if it's really special.

Thank you for looking! I will do my best to reply to everyone who follows the above criteria, but if I'm not able to get back to you, please accept my sincere thanks for taking the time to reply. I've bought plenty of names from request threads, so you aren't wasting your time here :)