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    question-answered $10 click yesterday

    $10 for a click on the parking page ad. Someone visits the ad page, then clicks on the advertisement. The domain owner gets a portion of the revenue. They call this EPC (earnings per click). No, not a dumb question. There's always a learning curve on Namepros, and asking is one of...
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    I'm SO excited, I made $1.13 parking in 24 hours

    Well, the parking also is not without risk. You have to monitor what is showing up on them---which I didn't for however many years the ads were going on. Quite frankly, I wasn't even aware for some time that ads were being placed on the domains, since I never had signed up for the parking...
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    I'm SO excited, I made $1.13 parking in 24 hours

    Don't be afraid to try testing the various ad parking and marketplace platforms, to see what works best for you.
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    information Top Topics: The Best Domain Valuation Tools; Should We Avoid Parked Pages to Sell Domains?...

    To clarify here, the major issue raised here was whether to the use of an ad-parking service could be deleterious for sales. So many of the ad-parking services provide the option to provide a link for a sale, but if their nameservers are blocked completely, the lander may not be seen by...