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    NameForest was founded by a group of start up founders to simplify the start up naming process.

    We are pioneers of the premium domain rental market, which is the most cost effective way for start ups to build on an idea. It enables domain owners to monetize their digital assets, as renting out a domain name leads to higher sale conversion rates than a parked domain.

    Founded in 2015, NameForest has successfully helped over a hundred start ups save hundreds of thousands when building their start ups, many start up founders come back to us for new names as they pivot.

    Our 'Domain Concierge' (TM) service runs on a big data algorithm that suggests up to 20 domain names to start up founders, based on the most popular key words for the sector, trending names of other start ups, length of domain and other key attributes.

    The start up is then free to pick any (or none) of our suggested names, for which we offer a rental package, with guaranteed renewal and a pre-agreed buyout price.

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