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Domain Affiliate with best/easiest API (with referral bonuses)?

I'm developing a domain generator (will, at some point, be at "the exhaustive domain generator") that focuses mostly on typo-squat protection (basic auth that you own a domain, then generates common typos around that domain) and your general "beat the user over the head with a thesaurus" generator for typed in keywords. I'd like to monetize on it by using a domain registry affiliate like Moniker, only from what I can tell the moniker API doesn't let you send someone to a "buy this domain" referral-added-to-the-url page, only a "buy a domain" page with your referral id, and the user has to copy/paste in the domain of their choosing, one at a time (especially inconvenient if you're rocking the typo-squat protection set of domains).

So the question becomes: What's the easiest API to use among domain affiliates? Ideally I'd like to skip having a programmatic API, and just URL-munge or issue a POST with my referral ID and a list of the domains to be registered, and the registrar can handle the signing up of new accounts, the adding/removing of domains from the shopping cart, and the whole liability-saturated, mega-dreaded "payment process" themselves, with a small kickback to me for every purchase that happens through exdogen. Does such a setup exist? I'd gladly add support for multiple registrars, as long as they don't make it painfully difficult So far I've checked out moniker and godaddy, and neither seemed to have what I was looking for...

Much appreciated
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