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May 2, 2011
Sep 21, 2004
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May 2, 2011
    1. betthelot
      hi reece sent pm
    2. Acadian
      -REECE- has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.

    3. -REECE-
      Thanks Rod :)
    4. DnEbook
      Hi Reece . please be aware the two auction posts , = + .me + .com + .info + org + .ws + .biz + .tv , have finished, i am letting you know so i am not in breach of any rules before posting a new auction , regards rod
    5. -REECE-
      Hi dnforce,

      You are welcome to post that they are no longer for sale. Alternatively, you are welcome to send me an email letting me know which names on which thread you would like removed.
    6. dnforce

      I have a question. If I have 10 domains for auction in a single thread and there are no bids on couple of domains. Is it ok to
      remove these domains from auction(By posting to the auction thread) as they didn't generate any interest and I may find a buyer outside.
      The auction will continue as normal for domains which did get the bids.
      Please let me know.

    7. -REECE-
      Hi BlackDiamond,

      I really enjoyed posting on but I'm sadly running quite short on free time lately -- hope to start a new business soon and could also use the money that will hopefully bring in once sold.

      I'm glad to hear you enjoyed some of the old entries and really appreciate you taking the time to leave me this message :)
    8. BlackDiamond
      Hey, I know you don't know me from a can of paint (although paint's tastier...not that I'd know), but I was wondering if everything is all right with you, but then I saw that you posted. I miss some of the old entries on
    9. has2hands
    10. -REECE-
      Thanks Michelle! :hearts:
    11. Michelle
      Just sending a HUG :)
    12. Michelle
    13. pnsreseller
      Hi..I want to buy domain with PR 4 or higher. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have one. thanks
    14. namenut
      Hya -REECE-

      I have a Qs:

      May I hold blind auctions? I would ask a single one time bid be PMed to me. In case of tie there would be a blind bid off.
      My only issue might be if a member does not trust the results. Would I then be able to call on a MOD to verify the PM bids?

      Thanks -REECE-, I thought this would be a fun format.

      NN / Ray
    15. DomainersCity
      Hi Reece. I am stumbling around trying not to get banned... again. Stupid mistake got me the first time and they were nice enough to reactivate me, so I do not want to get booted for good.

      Are there any forum usage how-to's that I am blindly missing? I read the rules, but they did not address this, and a search for "close my thread" gives me every post on the site, I think.

      How do I close / deactivate a thread? I understand that I am only allowed two active threads. I have an auction thread that ended June 12, but it still shows in my active threads list and I cannot find an option to close it so I can open a new one.

      I really appreciate the time you spend helping folks like me.
    16. -REECE-
      Hi Jeremy,

      When you go to make a new thread, the new thread has a "stick this thread" option. I haven't tried it out yet so I'm not sure if that works or if a mod will have to make it a sticky -- let me know if it doesn't work for you.
    17. Semtex
      Hey Reece, where did they put the sticky option at ? Trying to sticky an auction and can't find it ?
    18. Arjun

      Good luck!
    19. -REECE-
      Hey Arjun! Sales are coming along great - might have a guy buying everything that's left *fingers crossed* :)
    20. Arjun
      Hello there, Mr Berg!

      (How're the LLLL.coms auctions coming along ?)

      Hope they're good !!
    21. -REECE-
      Brad - thanks for your kind words. If there was a NamePros All-Star team, you'd definitely be on it as well :)
    22. bmugford
      If NamePros had an All-Star team, Reece would be the leading vote getter. One of the most knowledgeable domainers you will ever find.
    23. -REECE-
      No problem at all with that thread. As long as the domains are 5 characters or less, they're welcome in short domain name, no matter the extension :)
    24. cmason
      Reece, feel free to remove my LLLL/LLL.ME thread if it doesn't make sense in the short forum - you are the expert!
    25. -REECE-
      Done - moved that to the Make Offer section for you :)
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