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Nov 23, 2005
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    1. mobilespecialists
      I only asked to refund my prepaid account at Moniker, not to send money to my. So I could buy something else at Moniker in future. Something I can use. Surely not URL forward as long it stores not work as expected. So I wrote again an Email and asked if they really want me to keep this product even though I'm not happy with it and have no use for it. The last mail was with "Please note that Moniker does endevour a no refund policy as stated in our Terms and Conditions. We will not be able to refund for this purchase." Well, sounds extremely bureaucratic, and it's hard to believe a big company is "not able" to give me 6$ back for a service of their own not working as expected and so with no use for me. I have now 7 domains at Moniker. I hope maybe on this forum I find someone working there who can help me. It's not about the 6$ but about good service and not falling into to much bureaucracy.
    2. mobilespecialists
      I've read you are from Moniker and that if any problems with Moniker best to contact people here.
      I bought some days ago and also took URL forward for 6$ to redirect the URL to a server in Europe. The redirect worked but only to the start page. If I for example used the file robots.txt was not addressed. I bought the domain for SEO but because of this problem Google could not index it. The service at Moniker told me they can not change this. I even described for then where exactly the problem is and what can be done to solve it. But because the service wrote this I found an other solution, not based on Moniker URL forward. Usually many companies offer forward for free and it works, resolving a path correctly. So because I can not really use Moniker URL forward I informed the service and asked to cancel the Url forward for I can't use it as wanted. But the service wrote back they can't give me money back.
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