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sales Sales Price was $8 Million. Buyer Revealed.

I've been told by a reliable source who wishes to stay anonymous that the domain name sold for $8 million. The sale was confirmed earlier in the year but price and details of the transaction were never disclosed.

In an earlier article, I was able to confirm that the brokerage fee was around the $1 million mark, which allowed us to speculate that the final sales price may have been around $8-10 million.

However, I can now reveal that the final sales price was $8 million, and the domain name was sold to Tencent - China's largest Internet service portal and creators of WeChat, a free messaging and calling app used by over half a billion people.

The brokerage fee was reportedly 12.5%, which would mean that my article earlier in the year about's brokerage fee was right.

The 12.5% commission is Sedo's standard commission agreement and was broken down into two agreements: firstly, a 10% brokerage fee. Secondly, a 2.5% fee for the brokerage firm not to reveal the price paid.

As Sedo was the main broker in the deal, I reached out to Sedo to ask whether they could confirm any of the details above, but naturally they couldn't.

This $8 million sales price would put at the 7th largest domain sale on record, only $500,000 behind

Update on Aug 24, 2015: The WHOIS information has been updated to show the registrant as [email protected] as the owner. This email address was used in the $300,000 acquisition of by Tencent Holdings (owners of WeChat).
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So the buyer (or seller?) paid a whopping $200,000 to Sedo to keep the aquisition price confidential.

They should know better than to pay Sedo that absurd fee. Actually, they should know better than to use Sedo at all. Now they know.

This information should be public. I'm glad that it is now.
Interesting that the superb name sits unused currently it seems.
Wayback Machine shows it was in use by a Chinese language financial related business in 2019.
It does not seem to resolve to a website at all for me now.
I don't see it listed for sale again.
The registrar is Alibaba.
Does anyone know more of status or plans?
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