events Watch the Live Domain Auction at NamesCon As It Happens

One of the most anticipated live auctions in domain industry history is about to get underway in Las Vegas.

The NamesCon auction, which is being run by RightOfTheDot, is expected to be one of the largest auctions the domain industry has ever seen. There have been around $7,000,000 worth of bids placed during the online pre-bidding phase and many buyers ready to bid during the live event.

Domain names that are being auctioned off include AT.com, BY.com, FW.com, 380.com, and many, many more.

During a recent interview with NamePros, RightOfTheDot President Monte Cahn said, "I believe that we can do two to three times more sales this year than last year due to the quality and greatly priced inventory, strong market conditions and larger conference attendance."

Will Monte's predictions prove to be right? Fortunately, you'll be able to tune in live and watch the auction unfold.

This year, NamePros will be broadcasting the first two hours of the NamesCon auction live on YouTube and right here on the NamePros Blog beginning at 2:15 PM (PST). After the first two hours, the rest of the live stream can be viewed by AuctionSolutions.

Watch as auctioneer Wayne Wheat conducts a highly anticipated auction, and follow the auction action as it happens live in Las Vegas.

Please note that Internet access at NamesCon may be congested at times. As we're broadcasting live from the event, there is a possibility that videos could skip briefly.

Update on Jan 20, 2016: We filmed a high-definition version of this event with better video and audio that is now available below.

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Founder, MAJ.comTop Contributor
Do you have the list of domains sold in the auction?

The audio in live auction is not clear, hard to understand.


Founder, MAJ.comTop Contributor
Anyone blogging the auction?
The live video is echoing.


888Established Member
Is there another link with better sound? We can barely hear anything. Thanks
you can watch live with good sound if you reg where Lyon posted above
NamePros will release a high-quality version of this auction with better video and audio after the conference. The live streaming is just a little "taste," so to speak.

We're only scheduled to record the first two hours of this auction.
View the rest of the live stream at AuctionSolutions (use "Click here to login as a viewer...")

parthasarathy k

Established Member
We need this kind of live auction show for domains in India, and to make aware about internet world and domains for Indians . Hope in future you may conduct auctions for .in domains in India.
We've released the professional-quality version of this auction. Watch the updated video in the blog post above.



Established Member
Nice the live channel..we will be there with lasvegas.cam but just the first 100 auctions will be live, isn't it?


Top Contributor
the auction lot with bar pub grill cafes in it could do proper silly money if end users compete directly or via brokers

that lot contains a few multimillion $ domains in the same lot

any tech savvy vloggers going?