information Twitter took @x handle; Meta bought; Was undersold? Auction winner didn't get the domain; TLDs to avoid investing in

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A cautionary tale about the Twitter handle @x; The domain was sold for $30,000 dollars; Sedo broker sold for 6 figures; Won the auction but lost the domain; Which TLDs should domain newbies avoid?

Let @x be a cautionary tale
Twitter's recent rebranding to "X" created an interesting situation, as the account holder of the handle "@x" was deprived of their asset. There was no negotiation, as Twitter/ simply took the handle. What is the cautionary tale of this incident? Find out by joining this discussion.

Topic by @Nick

My domain Sold For $30K
Meta announced Llama2, the next generation of its generative chat, AI-driven model. Lucky strike for the holder of, who sold it to Meta for $30,000 dollars. Find out more details about the exchange.

Topic by @DealM Brokered For $175,000 By Dave Evanson From Sedo
A great domain name such as could fetch a potential amount in the seven figures, as renewable energy resources are the planet's future; the domain, however, sold for "only" $175,000 dollars via a brokered deal at Sedo. Did the domain sell for too little? Cast your vote in this thread.

Topic by @silentg

Why lose this domain, after I already won the auction?
Winning an auction on a platform isn't the end of it, apparently. A domain investor bid on and won an auction at Dynadot, but was later told that their auction was cancelled. Find out what happened and why this scenario frustrates domain investors.

Topic by @darishzao

Which TLDs should I avoid?
Domain industry beginners can lose a lot of money bidding on the wrong horse. There are great, good, and some lousy TLDs to invest in. Find out what other NamePros members think about the "worst" TLDs out there from an investor's perspective.

Topic by @Sam Krypt

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