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Top Topics: Your Regrettable Purchase; Working With Another Domainer to Make a Sale...

By James Iles, Feb 17, 2019
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    In this week’s Top Topics, a four-figure domain sale is revealed, a domainer shares their journey of how they became an investor and we read the interesting story of someone that teamed up with another investor to produce a sale.

    Elsewhere, an innovative outbound idea sees the community helping each other with sales leads.

    The Story of My Investing Journey
    One of my key takeaways from NamesCon 2019 is that every investor and everyone associated with this industry has their own story. It's fascinating to hear the stories behind each domainer, and this week, an investor has shared their lengthy story on how they became interested in domain names.

    The story, one of the most liked pieces of content this week, shares a message of resilience that all investors could take motivation from.

    Topic by: @Sami Ketolainen

    I Worked With Another Domainer to Make a Sale

    After dropping a domain name a couple of years ago, this investor was recently faced with the difficult situation where an outdated "Buy Now" page was used by someone to buy the domain - a name that this investor no longer owns.

    The domainer tracked down the current owner, who happened to be a fellow investor, and the pair worked out a deal to successfully close the transaction by working together, both profiting from the sale.

    Topic by: @spikedo

    Your Regrettable Purchase

    The majority of domain investors will have regrets about at least one domain name purchase. Perhaps it was a domain that you overpaid for, or perhaps it was a name that ultimately proved to be a terrible buy, that you dropped swiftly.

    In this discussion, investors are sharing details of their own worst purchases. What is your most regrettable domain purchase?

    Topic by: @whenpillarsfall

    Outbound End User Help

    Outbound domain sales has been covered a lot in recent weeks on the NamePros Blog. We have created a brand new series outlining the best practices for outbound domain sales that will be continuing over the next few weeks thanks to broker @Mike Robertson.

    Here, an unusual idea has been introduced, in which domain investors help each other to find end users for their domain names.

    Topic by: @Sumeeth Sold for $7,499

    Publishing domain name sales not only provides reference points for the entire industry, but they serve to give motivation to other investors.

    This discussion contains details of a recent four figure sale of the domain, which sold for $7,499.

    Topic by: @domainhubdotcom

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    Thanks for sharing
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    This is great James, but the link to this one is broken, can you fix it? Sold for $7,499
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