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Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving? Time for this week's Top Topics here at NamePros:, a former crypto brand, was sold for $252,000 dollars at an expired domains auction at GoDaddy. People received messages the .TV Registry deems their domains invalid; in reality it was a glitch. How do you go about buying web sites; some expert advice on the strategy. DAN rolled out an amazing integration with Afternic, all while investors share fears about the domain market reaching a crashing point. Sells For $252,000 at Godaddy Expired Auction
Hard to believe? was sold in 2019 for the equivalent of $3.9 million dollars in BTC but the domain was allowed to expire. The ensuing auction at GoDaddy triggered extensive participation by bidders. Despite the crypto markets being a shadow of their former glory, the domain was sold for $252,000 dollars.

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.TV Warning - Your domains are clawed back by the Registry
Domain investors holding .TV domains got a mini stroke earlier in the week, after several registrars sent out messages of non-validity. Several domainers thought their .TV domains were being clawed back. What had really happened: GoDaddy took over as the new Registry for .TV domains and the transition triggered invalid status messages. False alarm!

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Looking for Help or Advice about buying a website
Developed domains form active web sites that may possess additional value calculated by several metrics: Traffic, revenue, sales conversion rates, SEO presence, and more. How a web site is accurately evaluated for acquisition is the scope of this thread with experts chipping in on the preferred angle to web site acquisitions.

Topic by @humbug1s1k

DAN intergrates Open Domain Distribution Network (ODDN) into the Afternic DLS Network
Popular domain marketplace,, rolled out its own Open Domain Distribution Network (ODDN) a year ago. Now a GoDaddy company, DAN has extended its platform into the massive Afternic DLS Network, enabling thousands of users to sell & acquire domain names. Learn more about the integration and what else DAN brings to the platform in this system update.

Topic by @NickB

Did domain prices go down market-wide lately already, due to low sales?
Some domain investors are reporting that "all is quiet" on the domain front recently. There's a lingering fear of a market-wide crash, leading to lowering prices and less volume of sales. Is it cause or effect? Find out about the domainers' sentiment on this important subject that affects the entire domain investor community.

Topic by @twiki

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Nice rundown of topics. Thanks @Acroplex .

The current state of domain sales, what exactly that is, whether that pushes or has pushed prices lower, and the economy is clearly important for us all to follow.

Will be interesting to see reception to the Dan - Afternic integration.

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It appears that the outfit was(?) XMax, I'm guessing the coin was traded as XMX, but I don't follow crypto.