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Top Topics: Would You Donate a Domain?; I Sold My First Five-Figure Name!...

By James Iles, Dec 8, 2017
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    Our Top Topics this week are book-ended by two contrasting stories of recent domain transactions. We start with a domainer offering to donate a domain name to a startup and we finish with a report of a five-figure domain sale from a $1.99 domain registration. Elsewhere, an investor lists their biggest mistakes in domaining and Mike Mann releases prices for 300,000 of his domain names.

    Would You Donate a Domain Name?

    This week, a domain investor shared a story with the community. A startup founder contacted this domainer via LinkedIn inquiring about a virtual reality (VR) domain name. After some conversation, the domainer did something that is fairly unusual in the domain industry: he donated the domain name to the startup founder on the condition that the goodwill is paid forward.

    Would you ever consider donating a domain name to a company or charitable cause?

    Topic by: @BostonDomainer

    My Biggest Mistakes in Domaining

    Are you candid enough to publicly list your own mistakes as a domain investor? Domainer @Isac is. After starting as an investor in April 2017, he has decided to take stock of his time as a domainer, listing three "big" mistakes.

    Domainers have been sharing their own mistakes as well as giving advice to this domainer.

    Topic by: @Isac

    Mike Mann Lists 300,000 Domains with "Buy Now" Prices

    Veteran domain investor Mike Mann (@Mike Mann) has a portfolio of several hundred thousand domain names that have been acquired over the course of a number of years, including a buying spree that included registering just under 15,000 domains in a twenty-four hour period.

    Recently, Mike released an excel spreadsheet with "Buy Now" price for 300,000 of his domains. In this discussion, domainers have access to the spreadsheet and have been commenting on the names, their quality and Mike's strategy.

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    What Do You Say to a Buyer After a Deal Is Complete?

    In this scenario, we can imagine that an end user has acquired one of your domain names for a four or five-figure fee. Once the negotiations are over and the transaction has been completed, do you say anything to the new owner?

    Do you simply say "thank you" for the deal, do you try to sell them similar domains or do you try to talk further with them in the hope of potentially doing further deals with them in future?

    Topic by: @Haris

    I Sold My First Five-Figure Domain!

    After registering this two-word "kids" keyword domain name in 2016 for $1.99, this domainer received a call in June 2017 asking whether the domain name was still available. With no further action taken by the potential buyer, the investor assumed a deal was unlikely.

    That is until September 2017 when the same buyer submitted an offer of $20,000 for this name. Naturally, the offer was accepted and the deal was completed in October 2017, although the seller hasn't revealed details of the sale until this week.

    Congratulations on the sale!

    Topic by: @omelet

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