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In this week's Top Topics, we take a look at the .XYZ extension and the current popularity among domain investors. Will wholesale auction prices for .XYZ domains, which have recently been reaching four-figures, continue to rise? Elsewhere, a new domainer shares their portfolio strategy, and Bob Hawkes asks for contributions to an upcoming article.

Will Wholesale Auction Prices for .XYZ Keep Going Up?

Sales figures for the .XYZ extension have been trending upwards this year. Thanks to regular sales data shared by key .XYZ investors and the adoption of the extension by some prominent companies, interest in .XYZ has increased.

Some of those profiting from the interest in .XYZ are auction platforms, which are now routinely selling .XYZ names for four-figure fees. Will the prices in wholesale auctions for .XYZ keep going up?

Topic by: @equity78

My Portfolio Strategy After 3 Months

A new domain investor has shared their domain portfolio strategy that they have developed just three months after starting as a domainer. Domain strategy naturally develops with experience, but it’s interesting to see the thoughts and plans of someone new to the industry.

The strategy, which can be seen in full in this discussion, includes information on portfolio size, domain extension focus, and information on their domain acquisition sources. As you might expect, other investors are sharing their opinions on this strategy.

Topic by: @meanieme

An Essential Domaining Tool: Microsoft Excel

Within the domain industry, there have been significant time and resources spent on developing products and services to make the lives of investors that little bit easier. However, many investors still revert back to one product, in particular, Microsoft Excel.

This domain investor describes Excel as an essential domaining tool, used to manage their portfolio as well as for keeping track of pricing. Do you use Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program?

Topic by: @abstractdomainer

What Will 2022 Hold?

As we reach December, it’s only natural to consider what might happen next year. This time last year, few would have predicted the enormous impact that NFTs have had on the domain industry, but predictions are still worthwhile.

With that in mind, NamePros blogger Bob Hawkes is looking for contributions to a blog post he is compiling for publication at the start of 2022. If you want to be a part of Bob’s article, head to this discussion and answer the question, what will 2022 hold?

Topic by: @Bob Hawkes

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