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Top Topics: Why I Registered 20,000 Domains; My Sales In March 2018...

By James Iles, Apr 27, 2018
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    In this week's edition of Top Topics, we find out what a typical day looks like for a full-time domain name investor and a domainer asks for help after a $30,000 initial offer comes in out of the blue. Elsewhere, we discuss the impact of the upcoming GDPR guidelines on WHOIS data and a former Uniregistry broker reveals why he registered twenty thousand .XYZ domains.

    A Typical Day for a Full-Time Domainer

    There are thousands of domainers who could consider themselves as part-timers, investors who pursue domaining as a side venture whilst holding down a regular job. There are also a number of full-time domainers who make a living within the domain industry.

    What does a typical day look like for those full-timers? Here, a little more light is shed on this popular question.

    Topic by: @namefork


    An Offer of $30,000 Comes In Out of The Blue

    What would you do if you received a $30,000 initial offer out of the blue? This happened to a domainer recently and what's more intriguing is that the offer was dropped to $15,000 after several days.

    With the offer dropping by 50%, what would you do? It's a unique situation that has caught the attention of many domainers this week. Follow the story in this discussion.

    Topic by: @LarryDomain

    My Sales for March 2018

    Domain investor @Recons.Com has shared several sales this year including a couple of five-figure deals. This week, the domainer revealed his Q1 gross total income was around $70,000. What's more, the investor shared their March 2018 sales.

    Whilst there is no individual five-figure sale this time, the data is nonetheless interesting and caps a great Q1 for @Recons.Com.

    Topic by: @Recons.Com

    Why I Registered 20,000 .XYZ Domains

    Former Uniregistry domain broker @Darryl Lopes revealed this week that he blindly registered twenty thousand .XYZ domains back in 2016 when the registry offered a promotional price of $0.01 per domain. With just $200 invested in these names, Darryl assumed that by selling just one, he would be in clear profit.

    However, according to this discussion, that didn't work out. Read Darryl's story for more details of why bulk registrations may not be a great idea.

    Topic by: @Darryl Lopes

    How Will Domaining Be Impacted After May 25, 2018?

    On May 25th, 2018, the European Union's GDPR comes into effect. The regulation, designed to protect consumer data, will affect the visibility of WHOIS listings. In this discussion, domainers are debating whether this change will have any impact on the way that domain investing is done.

    Will it become more difficult to acquire domains? Will outbound sales become more difficult? All is debated here.

    Topic by: @John Mauriello

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