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Top Topics: Why Domain Parking Works for Me; 2021 Super Bowl Commercials and Their Domains...

By James Iles, Feb 14, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, a domain investor shares their experience of moving domains valued at $5,000 or less to a buy now landing page. Elsewhere, George Kirikos offers a full report of domains used in Super Bowl commercials this year, and how do you future-proof your domain investments?

    My Buy Now Experiment

    At most major domain marketplaces, there are several listing options. You'll typically have an option to allow a buyer to immediately acquire the name, submit an offer, or even agree to a lease deal. Which is the most effective for different price points?

    This investor conducted an experiment, moving all domains valued at $5,000 or less to a buy now landing page, allowing visitors to acquire names immediately. As revealed in this discussion, the investor has had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to this move.

    Topic by: @DnFolk

    2021 Super Bowl Commercials and Their Domains

    Last Sunday, 96.4 million people across the US tuned in to watch the Super Bowl between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. One of the most discussed elements of the Super Bowl experience, strangely, isn’t the game. It’s the advertising.

    Commercials shown during the Super Bowl are always striving to create a viral moment. Being a domain blog, we don’t particularly care about viral moments; we care about the domains being used. Here, investor George Kirikos gives a complete rundown of the domain names used within Super Bowl commercials in 2021.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

    Why Domain Parking Works for Me

    Domain name parking offers a quick and easy means of monetizing any domain name that receives traffic. It was a popular source of revenue for many investors, but income has been down in recent years. Domain parking still seems to work for some investors, though.

    In this discussion, a domainer has written a thoughtful, in-depth report of their experience with parking. The report includes a screenshot of the domainer's recent parking activity, showing a five-figure monthly income that's growing.

    Topic by: @privatereg

    Future-Proofing Your Domain Investments

    Have you thought about what would happen to your domain names if you passed away? On a regular basis, valuable names are left to expire after their owner dies. A notable example is that of, which was only saved thanks to work from two people in the domain industry.

    In an effort to future-proof their domain names, this domainer has taken several measures to ensure that their domain names are safe. This includes long term registrations and even trademark acquisitions. Have you future-proofed your domain investments?

    Topic by: @Levi_charlz

    Teespring is Rebranding to

    It’s the return of the hack. I haven’t seen a famous company rebrand to a domain hack for several years, but Teespring is doing just that. The custom apparel company Teespring has announced it’s rebranding from Teespring to Spring, using the domain hack

    The .NG extension is the ccTLD for Nigeria. Spring’s exact match .COM,, is owned and operated by Adecco Spring, a recruitment company. Domain investors are reacting to Teespring’s rebrand and its choice of domain.

    Topic by: @akos

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