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In this week's Top Topics, an experienced domainer is back with more advice for new domain investors, this time based on reasons you might be losing money in the industry. Elsewhere, we discuss GoDaddy Registry's newest acquisitions, and do you know how much Coinbase acquired for?

Why Do You Lose Money in the Domain Industry?

Experienced domain investor @johnn is back with more advice for new domainers. This time, the advice is centered very much around potential mistakes you may be making that result in losing money in the domain industry.

The advice offered ranges from keeping track of purchases in a spreadsheet or a dedicated domain portfolio management system, to using your time as a domain investor wisely.

Topic by: @johnn

Did You Know? Was Sold For...

In 2012, the cryptocurrency market was entirely different. There were few reputable exchanges in operation, and Bitcoin was trading at around $10, compared with today's $60,000. 2012 was also the year that cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was founded.

To begin with, Coinbase was called BitBank, but the founders were urged to change the name. Here, a domainer shares a leaked email from one of Coinbase's founders detailing the domain choices that ultimately influenced Coinbase's branding decision. The asking price for, revealed in this discussion, may surprise you.

Topic by: @SNJV

Why Did You Become a Domain Investor?

This week, brandable marketplace SquadHelp asked domain investors on Twitter to share the reasons that they became domain name investors in the first place. The question has spread beyond Twitter with investors prompted to share their stories in this discussion.

The variety of reasons shared here range from transitioning from a domain collector into a domain seller through to creating a revenue stream for a brighter future. Why did you become a domain investor?

Topic by: @equity78

GoDaddy Registry Acquires .CLUB and More Extensions

GoDaddy Registry announced this week that it is acquiring a number of new domain extensions to add to its portfolio. GoDaddy Registry's latest acquisitions include .CLUB, .DESIGN, and 28 domain extensions owned and operated by MMX.

Once the acquisition is complete, GoDaddy Registry will own, operate, or manage more than 240 domain extensions. Here, domain investors are reacting to the news of GoDaddy's latest purchases.

Topic by: @SNJV

How Do I Level Up My Domain Game?

You have become a domain name investor and you're starting to find your feet, perhaps with a couple of sales under your belt. How do you expand your knowledge, and how do you level up your domain investment activities?

That's the question being asked here. As you might expect, the domain name community has offered some advice with links to resources that may help to level up your domain game.

Topic by: @ss3000

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