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By James Iles, Jan 24, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, an investor shares their experience of hand registering domain names, and on the back of's $21,038 sale, we ask why .VC are names starting to sell for higher numbers. Elsewhere, there's confirmation that the domain name has sold, and what's the most promising ccTLD of 2021?

    My Hand Reg Experience

    Hand registering domain names is something that many investors have been successful in doing. Going from a low acquisition price to a three- or four-figure sales price is very appealing. Here though, an investor shares their experience in hand registering domains.

    In the discussion, this investor reveals that they spent $4,000 on hand registered domains, and they have a $1,500 deficit with six months to go until the renewal dates start to come around.

    Topic by: @blogspotter

    Why Are .VC Names Selling for High Numbers?

    This past week, the domain sold for $21,038 at, according to Namebio. Other recent sales include for $9,221 and for $3,101. Why are .VC domains starting to generate more interest, and why did reportedly sell for over $20,000?

    That's the question being asked in this discussion. The .VC extension, the ccTLD for St Vincent and Grenadines, has seemingly been repurposed with "VC" standing for "venture capital."

    Topic by: @Bassel Domain Name Sells

    On Friday, there was some speculation that the domain sold, thanks to an eagle-eyed investor. The name, which was being offered for sale at BrandBucket, has likely become more valuable since the pandemic with the use of masks becoming mandatory in many places. The owner of certainly thought the value had increased, with the name's "buy now" price at BrandBucket changing from $384,000 in 2019 to $2 million as the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

    That speculation turned into a confirmation that the domain name sold. As of writing, the domain name still redirects to BrandBucket's website. As usual, investors reacted to this sale.

    Topic by: @Ntmt

    Plural vs. Singular - Which is Better?

    Plural versus singular has always been an important distinction for domain investors. Pluralizing a word can make all the difference in a domain's value. An example could be versus There's likely a significant difference in value there.

    With Mike Mann recently dropping the singular version of a domain while keeping the plural, this investor asks why a plural version may be worth keeping, but the singular isn't. This opens up to a wider debate on singular versus plural domains.

    Topic by:

    Poll: What's the Most Promising ccTLD of 2021?

    As we're still in January, many investors are still looking to cement their strategy for the year ahead. For some, getting the predictions of other investors may be helpful in planning. With that in mind, a domainer has asked investors to vote on which ccTLD they think will be the most promising in 2021.

    This doesn't focus on which ccTLD will get the most sales but which ccTLD will experience the most growth. As of writing, .IO holds a narrow lead as the most promising ccTLD of 2021. Do you agree?

    Topic by: @domain invest3r

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