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Top Topics: Why Are Hyphens Bad?; Does Age Matter?; James Booth Sells

By James Iles,
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    James Booth, founder and CEO of, looks to have sold the domain name According to DomainIQ, the domain name has just moved into possession of Marksmen Inc, a domain acquisition service. There are currently now clues as to who the new owner is, but it's possible that the name was acquired by ABC for their "Good Morning America" show, which currently operates on

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Do Hyphenated Domains Have Value?

    Are domain names that include hyphens a good target for domain investors? This discussion is looking at the potential investment opportunities that hyphenated domains may have.

    According to the discussion, hyphenated domain names are popular in some countries such as Germany, but they may not have a broad appeal in countries such as the United States. What are your thoughts on hyphens?

    Topic by: @rathish

    The Secret To NamePros Success

    NamePros administrator Eric Lyon has been a part of the forum's team since 2010 and has helped transform NamePros into one of the largest domain investment destinations on the Internet. Here, Eric shares his thoughts on why the website has become so popular.

    It's not only an interesting read for regular users, but the information and advice held within this article can be used by other website owners and developers to help improve their own sites.

    Topic by: @Eric Lyon

    Does a Domain's Age Matter?

    In the past, search engines used to take a domain name's age into consideration when calculating its rank. At one point in time, SEO experts cited a greater "trust factor" for aged domains. Since the algorithm for search engine results has changed, does it mean that a domain's age is irrelevant?

    Topic by: @Sherax

    Is An Increase in Investors Good or Bad?

    Have you noticed an increase in the number of investors who have entered the industry within the past couple of years? You may have also noticed increased competition at domain name auctions and marketplaces.

    Is this increased competition from new investors a good or bad thing for the industry as a whole? This discussion and poll aim to find the community's general view on this subject.

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    Will the Value of Four-Letter .COM's Increase or Decrease in the Next Four Years?

    Chinese premium four-letter .COM domain names rose sharply in value in 2015, thanks to increased interest from Chinese domainers who were buying vast portfolios of names, often flipping them for a quick profit.

    As a result, prices increased from several hundred dollars to a high of around $2,500 per name. Now, the average sales price has dropped to just over $1,000. Will four-letter .COM's in general increase or decrease in value over the next four years?

    Topic by: @rathish

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    Thanks James!

    I always enjoy these! :)
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    You're welcome. Thanks for creating the interesting discussion about the amount of domain investors in the industry!

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    Top Topics of the week are..., what else?
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    For advertising purposes, our company advises generics that are easy to say and remember, always in .com (depending on the depth of conversation). The problem with hyphens is with "verbal" usage when you're talking about your brand's prodservs on the internet. "Yes, we sell roofing supplies. You can see our site at "roofing hyphen supplies dot com. How is it spelled? What? the word "hyphen"? Well, h-y-p-h-e-n. Yes, just put that between "roofing" and "supplies". That will get you to our website." Sounds clumsy and only in rare cases would we recommend a hyphenated name. Cheers all!