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Top Topics: Who's In Charge Anyway?; Do You Pay Taxes on Your Domain Sales?...

By James Iles, Oct 19, 2018
  1. In case you missed it, we covered the news of View's acquisition of the one-word domain earlier this week. Whilst the sales price has not been revealed to us by either party, one investor shed some light on the possible sales price in the comments section after speaking with the seller earlier this year.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    How Do You Check Trademarks?

    An important part of due diligence on any domain name acquisition or registration should be to check whether there are any obvious, live trademarks for the term or keywords within the name. Infringing on obvious trademarks could lead to a UDRP being filed against the name, or worse.

    But how do you check trademarks? That's the question being asked here. Fortunately, investors have been forthcoming with a number of different options to check global trademarks. This is certainly a discussion to bookmark if you're looking for a trademark checker at any point.

    Topic by: @Isac

    What’s Your Worst Domain Purchase?

    We all have domain purchases that we are proud to share. These are usually purchases that we consider being good domains at reasonable prices.

    However, we may not be so forthcoming with sharing some of our worst buys. This discussion wants domainers to share their worst buys. Some of the names listed are interesting, to say the least!

    Topic by: @mrflapjack

    What's Your Favorite Domain That You Own?

    Taking an entirely positive spin on domains we own is this discussion. Counterbalancing the "worst domain purchase" conversation above, this investor wants you to share your favorite domain name that you currently own.

    The majority of submissions here are .COM. What's your favorite domain from your portfolio?

    Topic by: @Crypto King


    Who’s In Charge Anyway?

    In a traditional domain name transaction, is there a specific party that tends to be in charge, or in control, of the negotiation? Is it the buyer since they have the money, or is it the seller since they have the domain?

    This discussion aims to answer these questions with the help of other investors. The responses and opinions from the combining world on this topic are fascinating.

    Topic by: @HotKey

    Do You Pay Taxes for Your Domain Sales?

    According to the famous quote, “in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Since domaining can produce significant income, the subject of tax is extremely important.

    Here, an investor asks domainers to disclose some information regarding their taxes in relation to domains. Since this is a worldwide community, tax regulations for domain names change depending on the country you're residing in.

    Topic by: @atinc

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