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By James Iles, Apr 19, 2019
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    The ultra-premium has been sold, with BQDN's James Booth (@BoothDomains) reporting via social media that he brokered the sale. According to DomainIQ, the domain showed "", as the owner briefly before it went under privacy protection. DomainIQ's WHOIS history shows that the domain was previously registered to a Polish address and the name previously redirected to a Polish registrar.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Identifying a Trend - Trans+word Assets

    Eric Lyon is a contributor to the appraisal, having written several in-depth appraisals of domain names to help current owners. He was recently asked to appraise a two-word name that began with "Trans". Eric noticed a number of sales with the "trans" keyword within the past few years.

    Could Trans+keyword domain names be a "low pulse trend". Do you own any names with the "trans" keyword that have seen an increased inquiry rate within the past couple of years?

    Topic by: @Eric Lyon


    Poll: What Do You Think of GoDaddy's New Auction ID?

    Recently, GoDaddy introduced auction ID's to add more transparency to their marketplace after the company announced that they had "identified an employee who engaged in activities in violation of our policies".

    This was concerning news for all domain investors who use GoDaddy auctions on a regular basis, and in light of this, GoDaddy announced the addition of auction ID's. This discussion and poll asks investors to share their opinion on this new addition to the GoDaddy platform. Do you want more action to be taken?

    Topic by:

    Interesting Use of a New gTLD

    New domain extensions (new gTLD's), for want of a better phrase, have been in operation for several years with varying degrees of success. Some extensions have been adopted by numerous end users whilst some have fallen out of favor.

    An investor noticed this week that a storage company with locations in Texas and Oklahoma has started using the .storage extension in an innovative way. But will consumers realize it's a domain name?

    Topic by: @mr-x

    How My Former Domains are Put to Use

    After selling a domain name, it's often interesting to monitor the name to see how it's being used by the new proprietor. Here, an investor has shared a eleven of their previous sales to show you how each name is being used.

    Topic by:

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    Nice compilation @James Iles. Thanks for the week's summery
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    good news
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    Thanks for sharing James.
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    Thanks for such useful information.
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    One of my favorite things to find is a domain here that sells for $1 bid on auction goes up as a big company
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