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By James Iles, Oct 20, 2017
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    Earlier this week, we published the news that Heritage Auctions acquired the one-word domain Today, Candace from Starfire Holdings confirmed that they had brokered the deal for Starfire Holdings, run by Ali Zandi and Kevin Fink, also added the domain to their website under their "notable domain sales" section of their homepage. Unfortunately, the price cannot be revealed.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    I Received an Email From a Harvard Professor

    After registering a five-letter .ORG domain name just over a month ago, this domain investor received an email from a Harvard professor. Based on WHOIS history, it seems that this professor was the previous registrant of the domain on behalf of a small non-profit organization, but he let it expire.

    The domainer is looking for advice on how to play this situation. Should he try to sell the domain back to the previous owner for a large sum, or should he help this non-profit organization by gifting this domain back to them? What would you do in this situation?

    Topic by: @DomainBarracksRob

    Were Four-Letter .COM's the Best Example of "Pump and Dump"?

    The phrase "pump and dump" is frequently used within cryptocurrency circles to describe the fast rise and fall in the value of various coins. However, as domainers, we have heard this phrase before.

    In late 2015, prices of four-letter .COM Chinese Premium names reached a record high of over $2,500 per name. Their value rose rapidly from just a couple of hundred dollars and has since fallen back to under $1,000.

    Is the four-letter .COM market the best example of the pump and dump phenomenon?

    Topic by: @Arpit131

    Can a High "Buy Now" Price Scare Away Buyers?

    On all domain name marketplaces, there is an option to add a "Buy Now" price to any listing. Sometimes, these listings can be effective in producing quick, impulsive sales. However, can "Buy Now" listings work against you?

    A new domain investor has asked whether placing a high "Buy Now" price on a domain name whilst also accepting offers may scare away potential buyers. Naturally, there are differing opinions in this discussion.

    Topic by; @ilucky21c

    Which Email Address Do You Use for Outbound Sales?

    For many investors, outbound sales are a regular occurrence to try and produce domain sales in order to keep cash flow going. Different domainers have different techniques when it comes to the perfect outbound sales method, but here, an investor is asking for advice on the type of email address that should be used for outbound sales.

    Should you use a Gmail address, an Outlook address or should you use a custom email address? Are there advantages to using a custom email address over a free email service?

    Topic by: @LiamShiff

    What Motivates You?

    Being a domain name investor is often a solitary venture that requires countless hours of dedication to find quality domain names to ultimately sell. To keep pursuing any activity, we often need a little bit of motivation. So, what motivates you to continue domaining?

    It could be seeing five, six or seven-figure domain sales published at DNJournal, or it could be the ambition to own a certain type of domain name such as a three-letter .COM. Alternatively, motivation could come from closing your own large sale or finding a great domain name in the drop lists. What motivates you? Comment in the discussion.

    Topic by: @DefinitelyDomains

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    pronounceable 4L will continue to appreciate in value... IMO
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    haha ! Thanks for the love though it wasn't intentional and hopefully it doesn't come back to bite me :wacky:
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