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information Top Topics: What Does It Mean to Be a Domainer?; What I Learned After Spending $500 as a Newbie...

In this week's Top Topics, we discuss what it means to be a domainer, and a new investor shares what they've learned after spending their first $500 on domain names. Elsewhere, a gaming studio secures a major domain upgrade, and investors share their views on proposed transfer changes.

What Does It Mean to Be a Domainer?

In Top Topics, we often use the term “domainer” to describe members of the domaining community, but what does it mean to be a domainer?

After noticing a sentence on Twitter that described what a domainer isn’t, one investor is hoping to get a definition of the term “domainer.” Does it simply mean someone who buys and sells domains, or is it more than that?

Topic by: @Igor Mironyuk

What I Learned After Spending $500 as a Newbie

The domain industry is constantly evolving, with new faces joining every week, hoping to make money as a domain investor. It’s always refreshing to read about a new investor’s experiences buying and selling domains.

Here, we hear from a new domainer that believes other newbies should buy and sell at a wholesale level to learn about the industry. This domainer made a slight loss by hand registering and selling names wholesale but learned a lot about domaining in the process.

Topic by: @spigiv

Can I Turn $500 Into a $300 Monthly Income?

As a domain investor, unpredictability is common. Unless you operate a large portfolio, achieving a consistent income from month to month is difficult. Yet, for many investors, recurring revenue from domaining is desirable.

How, though, do you achieve a regular monthly income from domaining? Here, a domain investor shares why a $500 investment will seldom allow you to achieve a steady $200 to $300 monthly income.

Topic by: @twiki

Gala Games Gets

A blockchain-based gaming studio has scored a game-changing domain name upgrade in the form of The company recently allocated $5 billion to “further its NFT ambitions” recently acquired the domain name in a deal brokered by MediaOptions.

Since launching in 2018, Gala Games has been operating its studio and platform from the domain name. Securing is an incredible move.

Topic by: @James Iles

Big Changes Proposed for Domain Transfers

It’s early days, but the domain name transfer process could be subject to significant changes. The proposed amendments are part of a set of ICANN working group recommendations that include tweaks to registrar lock periods.

Domain investors have been reacting to the news of the proposed transfers, with some domainers happy to hear the registrar lock could be reduced from 60 days to 30 days.

Topic by: @domnest

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