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James Iles

Top Topics: What Am I Doing Wrong?; The .UK Domain Release Showcase...

By James Iles, Jul 7, 2019
  1. In this week's Top Topics, our featured discussion is regarding the .UK domain extension release. It seems like hundreds of investors have been looking to pre-register and acquire .UK domains, which have been released to the general public this week. Elsewhere, domainers talk about GrubHub's decision to register over 24,000 client domains and a new investor asks for help and guidance.

    The .UK Domain Release

    In June 2014, Nominet released the shorter .UK domain name extension, joining the likes of .CO.UK and .ORG.UK. From then until 25th June 2019, current registrants of .CO.UK could claim the corresponding .UK domain name.

    Now that the five-year deadline has passed, Nominet has begun the process of putting 1.8 million .UK domains into general availability. This week, investors have been discussing the names they have registered in the .UK extension general release.

    Topic by: @namesquare

    GrubHub Registers Over 24,000 Restaurant Domains

    Food delivery network GrubHub, boasting a network of over 115,000 associated restaurants, has revealed an interesting domain strategy that has proven to be controversial.

    According to reports from Engadget, GrubHub and it’s subsidiaries have registered over 24,000 domains related to restaurants in its network. Naturally, this has become a story that has sparked the interest of domain investors, with some weighing in on whether this is legal and ethical. Web developers and attorneys have also stated opinions from a different perspective, which is interesting.

    Topic by: @EZPZYO

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Domain investing can be a difficult venture to embark on. New and experienced investors alike can make catastrophic mistakes. Usually, the mistakes made by newer investors involve registering or acquiring domain names that stand little chance of resulting in a sale.

    Here, a domainer who’s five weeks into their domain investment career has asked for help after acquiring some names and receiving no activity from marketplaces or outbound. They have also posted a list of the domains they have registered. What advice would you give them?

    Topic by: @Junglist101

    This Buyer Is Asking for Traffic Stats

    During the final stages of a negotiation on a four-figure domain sale, this domain investor reports that their buyer asked for traffic statistics for the domain in question. Considering the name isn't developed and is parked, should the question of traffic statistics be relevant?

    Of course, if you're acquiring a domain name that is developed, then traffic can influence the price you're willing to pay. But has minimal traffic ever influenced, for better or worse, a negotiation that you've been involved with?

    Topic by: @xynames

    How Can I Get Owner Information?

    Usually, a WHOIS lookup is sufficient to find the identity of a domain’s owner. But, what do you do when a domain name is in privacy protection and there is no website hosted on the domain? It gives you very few clues as to the true identity of the owner.

    This is a situation that investor has found themselves in this week. Other domainers have suggested emailing the proxy address associated with the domain or using DomainIQ’s WHOIS history to find some clues. How would you track down an owner that is obscuring their identity behind privacy protection?

    Topic by: @namesquare

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