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By James Iles, Aug 4, 2019
  1. A major domain name acquisition took place in recent weeks, and that was Sobeys' acquisition of the domain name. Sobeys, a large Canadian food retailer, recently announced plans for a food delivery network called Voila, which would be launching in Toronto in 2020. Upon launching the venture, Sobeys used the domain name but opted to upgrade to

    According to DomainIQ's WHOIS history, Sobeys acquired the domain name from Orange S.A, formerly known as France Telecom. With Orange posting revenue of €41.381 billion in 2018, the acquisition may not have been cheap!

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Should I Add Installments to Generate More Sales?

    Domain leasing and payment plans are becoming commonplace in the domain aftermarket. Platforms such as Epik and DAN allow investors to add payment plans to listed domains, but do these options generate more sales?

    The logic is sound. If a potential buyer can't afford your asking price upfront, then spacing payments over a longer period of time could be a way to produce sales that may not have been possible otherwise. Should payment plans be commonplace?

    Topic by: @usadomainer

    My First Month in Domaining

    After one month of being a domain name investor, it’s brave to air your successes and failings publicly, but that’s exactly what this domainer has done.

    The successes include selling seven domains, including flipping a couple of four-letter names. The failures, as detailed by the investor, include registering some “embarrassing” names during their first week. As usual, the community has given advice and constructive criticism for the domainer.

    Topic by: @Dosebuy

    Let the Political Games Begin!

    This week, the United States Democratic Party held some live TV debates starring their presidential candidates. During the debate, Joe Biden urged viewers to “go to Joe30330”, a gaffe that prompted the registration of, which reportedly quickly received over 80,000 hits. The domain currently redirects to a parody website.

    The report of this domain’s activity, as well as a Trump related domain registration are described in this discussion. It shows that domain names are a vital part of a political campaign, and not controlling the right domains can be costly.

    Topic by: @Internet.Domains

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  6. The Durfer

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  7. Dosebuy

    Dosebuy Page: Twitter: @dosebuy

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    Thank you for highligning my post. Appreciate it!
  8. cipcip

    cipcip Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Nice to see this news, especially because I have a "Voila" domain, it is called VoilaFrance in king.
    Hopefully will sell soon :)

  9. Bob Hawkes

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    it is a nice summary, as always, @James Iles and thank you.

    I agree that Voila is a nice name. It works particularly well in the Canadian environment, as it is a native French word, but well known in English language (I have it, and have had it, in some less well known extensions). The "here is" meaning works perfectly for the food delivery operation that it will be used for in 2020. It also makes in a great fit for many other types of operations.

    Aesthetically I think the very best names just look nice when written and sound nice when spoken, and like voila a lot on both grounds. Also, while common words often go for huge bucks and have recognition, I personally like words that are common but not too common. And for environments like Canada recognition in both English and French is a definite plus.

    It would sure be nice to know what they paid for it, possibly at some point a sleuth will be able to dig it out of company reports, since both the selling and buying companies are public. For those from outside Canada, the Sobeys group of food companies operate from coast to coast although they started out long ago in Nova Scotia. They have been on an acquisition kick last few years, and now operate under many different supermarket and specialty market brand names. With Walmart making big pushes into food delivery in Canada, I believe the other companies feel the need to compete with that.

    Thanks again James.

  10. legendarynames

    legendarynames Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    I also have Voila in another ccTLD. Where's the original post about the sale?
  11. Ali Adil

    Ali Adil Established Member

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    Thank you for sharing...
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