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Top Topics: Changed Hands for $737,000; Rick Schwartz Sells

By James Iles, Dec 27, 2020
  1. In the final edition of Top Topics for 2020, we take a look at Rick Schwartz's latest domain sale, and domain investors offer their opinions on the hottest niches of 2021. Elsewhere, George Kirikos reveals that sold for $737,000 in 2018, and do you want to see some decent domain landing pages?

    The Domain King Sells

    Rick Schwartz, the self-proclaimed Domain King, has been one of the domain name industry's driving forces since the 1990s. He has had a string of high six and seven-figure sales, including for $8,888,888 and for $3 million, plus royalties.

    This week, Rick announced his latest sale, disclosing that is in the process of being sold. The amount? A cool $850,000 after fees. Here, domain investors are reacting to news of this major sale.

    Topic by: @Robbie

    What Will Be the Hottest Categories in 2021?

    Trends can be profitable for domain investors. Getting in early to acquire potentially valuable future trend domains at low prices can ultimately lead to a significant return on investment. A prominent example is Mike Mann's sale of for $194,888 at the height of the first cryptocurrency bull run.

    In this discussion, domainers are speculating on the hottest niches and industries of 2021. Which niche do you think will be particularly hot next year?

    Topic by: @Woke Monkey

    Do You Want to See Some Decent Landing Pages?

    One of the industry's leading attorneys, John Berryhill, shared four examples of what he describes as "decent domain landers." Landing pages that all have a common theme that John likes, based on his vastly experienced perspective.

    What do the pages have in common? They all contain a sales pitch eulogizing the domain's meaning and why someone may want to buy it. Will you be using elements of these landing pages in your own domain sales landers?

    Topic by: @jberryhill Changed Hands for $737,000 in 2018

    In 2018, I revealed that intelligent glass manufacturer View had acquired the domain, upgrading from At the time of the acquisition, the company had raised over $700 million in funding, but shortly afterward, View raised another $1.1 billion leading to a total funding amount of $1.8 billion.

    The acquisition of was truly a no-brainer, and although we've known about the purchase for some time, the purchase price has never been revealed. Until now. Investor George Kirikos discovered that sold for $737,000. Read George's full report with sources in this discussion.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

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    Thanks once again :)

    This time I took the time to read each post and all the comments because well you only include the best so to me that means I'd be a fool if I didn't.
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    wonderful summary. ty. :)
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    In a LinkedIn post Mann said to short bitcoin.but he sells crypto domains and making profit.The greedy man who can't see others growth.
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