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Top Topics: Using a Catch-All Email? Beware; Reaction to GoDaddy's Closeout Changes...

By James Iles, Jan 17, 2021
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, an investor requests advice on the best way to build a portfolio in 2021. Elsewhere, our featured poll asks you to reveal the percentage of your overall investment portfolio that is invested in domain names, and John Berryhill has a warning about catch-all email addresses.

    Domain Investing in 2021

    We’re now in mid-January 2021, and it’s business as usual as many people return from Christmas or New Year breaks. Here is a question for the pro domainers. How would you approach domain investing in 2021 if you were looking to build a portfolio?

    This domainer, who doesn’t have the ability to acquire domains for four- or five-figure fees, is asking for advice on what to focus on in order to build a portfolio of domains. What would you do?

    Topic by: @MisterJoe

    Poll: What Percentage of Your Assets Are Invested in Domains?

    Depending on how risk-averse you are, there are plenty of possible options for investments. There are multiple options for investment from real estate to stocks and from domain names to cryptocurrency.

    This week's featured poll asks you to reveal what percentage of your assets are invested in domain names. How diverse is your investment portfolio? Do you even consider domain names to be investments or a pure hobby?

    Topic by: @nydomain

    Using a Catch-All Email? Beware

    Some investors and commentators have advocated catch-all email addresses as a means of discovering potential buyers for your domain name. In essence, a catch-all email address allows you to receive emails that are erroneously sent to a non-existing, incorrect email address. It’s thought that setting up a catch-all email address is an easy way of finding sales leads for your domain.

    However, expert domain name industry attorney John Berryhill has issued a warning to investors who use catch-all email addresses. John cites several cases in which complainants have legitimate concerns about MX records' existence on domain name records.

    Topic by: @jberryhill

    GoDaddy to Increase Closeout Starting Prices

    On Friday, DomainNameWire broke the news that GoDaddy is due to start increasing their starting price on closeout domains. Closeout names, the bargain bin of the auction platform, have traditionally been a popular acquisition source for many domain investors.

    Since the service is so popular, the price changes have caused some debate. Here, domain investors discuss the potential positive and negative impacts of this change.

    Topic by: @JudgeMind

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