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Top Topics: Trump Bought My Domain Name!; Dealing With Lowball Offers...

By James Iles, Oct 28, 2018
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    In this week’s Top Topics, a domain investor reveals that a name from their portfolio was recently acquired by The Trump Organization. Elsewhere, a domainer asks how to deal with lowball inbound offers, and one seller has a particularly difficult situation to maneuver. We also ask what the definition for a brandable domain is, and investors give us their criteria for a domain purchase.

    I Pushed the Domain First Without Payment

    An investor has been put in a difficult position by an end user. This three-figure sale was agreed upon, but the investor acquiesced to transfer the domain name before receiving payment.

    The buyer has received the domain but has not sent a payment despite the investor’s email tracking service confirming that the buyer has opened follow up reminders for the name payment.

    How would you deal with this situation? Would you simply write this off as a loss and move on, or would you try to get the money via legal action?

    Topic by: @Brandultra

    How Do You Define Brandable?

    Brandable domain names have been a popular source of investment thanks to a potentially low entry price and several marketplaces catering exclusively to the niche.

    An interesting article was published this week by Raymond Hackney (@equity78) asking how a brandable name is defined. This fascinating discussion developed as a result of the article.

    Topic by: @equity78

    Your Criteria for a Domain Acquisition

    Each domain investor has slightly different criteria for what makes a great domain name for their portfolio. Price is usually one of the main contributing factors but what other criteria are commonplace?

    Domain age, length and word count may also be criteria for name purchases. Here, domainers share their own quality control methods.

    Topic by: @Domaining Ocean


    Trump Bought My Domain Name!

    President Donald Trump is one of the most widely-recognized people on the planet, with a valuable real estate portfolio in addition. His company, The Trump Organization, also controls hundreds of domains.

    Recently, an investor shared their story of registering a ‘Trump’ related name that contained no active trademarks. The name was listed on Sedo and The Trump Organization acquired the name very quickly. The price is revealed in this discussion.

    Topic by: @WebInceptions

    Dealing With Lowball Offers

    Many domainers will have experienced the situation of receiving a very low inbound offer. Domain names that you envisage selling for four-, five- or six-figures may receive offers of $50 or less sometimes.

    In this discussion, investors debate whether it is worthwhile responding to these low offers. Do high-value domain sales ever originate from a lowball offer?

    Topic by: @NYJimbo

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