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In this week's Top Topics, a new six-figure sale from 2021 is revealed, and we discuss how to reach domain name owners in a post-GDPR world. Elsewhere, a seven-figure deal from 2017 may have been discovered, and which timezone is best for domaining? Acquired for $540,000 in 2021

Sometimes, significant domain name sales and acquisitions are revealed buried deep in SEC filings. These deals only come to light thanks to research from the likes of George Kirikos.

This past week, Kirikos discovered that was acquired by TradeZero, a commission-free trading platform, in 2021 for $540,000.

Topic by: @GeorgeK

How Do You Reach Domain Owners Now?

In May 2018, GDPR came into effect, forcing a change in the way that Whois data is displayed online. Previously, ownership details for domain names without privacy protection were listed online for anyone to view. After GDPR, many registrars obscured all Whois data, meaning that ownership information became harder to access.

Four years after GDPR was first enforced, how do you reach domain name owners? Some registrars, such as GoDaddy, offer domain contact forms, but are these effective? Which tools do you rely on for contacting domain owners?

Topic by: @william

Are All Big US City Domains Valuable?

Once upon a time, geographical domain names were highly sought after as exact-match domains helped companies rank for local search terms. In recent years, though, the lure of these names has faded.

An investor is acquiring a large US city domain name for a mid-five-figure fee and is wondering whether all popular city domain names are valuable. Do you think exact-match geographical domains are valuable?

Topic by: @Embrand

Which Timezone is Best for Domaining?

Domain investing is a truly international industry. We have participants from countries all over the world, with domain conferences and meetups happening globally, too. Geographical location affects domain investing far less than many industries, but there are still positives and negatives of being situated in certain countries.

With that in mind, which timezone is best for domain investing? Does operating as a domain investor in a specific timezone give an advantage over others?

Topic by: @Sammy Jakes

Was Acquired for $1.1 Million?

In 2017, location tracker creator Tile acquired, upgrading from to the aforementioned premium domain. The domain was acquired from Digimedia just months after Tile announced it raised $25 million in Series B funding.

The acquisition price of the domain was never revealed, but a recent report suggests that the purchase price may have been $1.1 million.

Topic by: @News

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