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Meta rolled out Threads on a .net domain; Domain Agents: Use or not? Afternic "forever troubled" as far as BIN setting goes; Optimize a domain that earns $1 /day; How hard is it to set up a domain registrar?

New social network by Meta, Threads, is using a .net domain
Threads is a new social network by Meta that took the internet by storm. Millions of signups via an Instagram prompt but the company is using Threads.net as the main domain. Is this a good or a bad move? Find out what domain investors think.

Topic by @capybara

If you intend to use Domain Agents
A savvy domain investor shares their experience with Domain Agents and their third party brokerage service. According to Wolfis, the communication and support he experienced made him believe someone at the company is "playing games." What was your experience?

Topic by @wolfis.com

Afternic forever troubled: New listings don’t populate price for BIN landers
There are reports of a glitch with BIN landers at Afternic, when moving from a different type of lander settings: The BIN price itself isn't displayed. Several domain investors with portfolios at Afternic beta are reporting the same. Share your frustration by joining this active thread.

Topic by @M999

Parked domain generating ~1$ per day, can I optimise it?
Imagine moving your domain from a "for sale" lander to a PPC/ads lander and receiving $1 /day on average. That's about $365 /year if the traffic and CTR holds! How would you optimize this cash cow of a domain name? Find out.

Topic by @Explorer

How hard is setting up a registrar? Anyone with experience? Timeframes?
There are several benefits of setting up your own domain name registrar, but just how complicated and expensive can it be? It takes time and money, obviously. Domain investors share their experience and recommendations. Read all about this valuable information, just in case you decide to do the same!

Topic by @mm369

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You are the one person who knew Threads.com existed, what did (Slack competitor) before Meta’s Threads.net.

How much will it take and is it a matter of when FB buys Threads.com, @Acroplex?
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If I owned Threads.com on an active business I'd gladly rebrand for a few million bucks! They also own a registered trademark for THREADS so Meta better open their digital wallet REALLY wide.
If I was the owner of threads.com ,I will not sell it, as it will attract visitors at zero cost because of the .com .