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By James Iles, Dec 8, 2019
  1. In this week's Top Topics, the sale of is announced. Yesterday on Twitter, I posted some information about another domain sale from earlier this year. It seems that Kudos & Co, a company founded in 2014 that has raised $5,7 million to date, has rebranded to Spot.lite (using the domain after opting to sell its domain name,

    The domain was purchased by another company of the same name, Kudos, who is based in Canada. They are upgrading from the domain The decision for Kudos & Co to essentially downgrade their domain name is something we don't see very often. It would be interesting to know more about this sale.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Some Interesting Facts

    We know that domain names are vital strategic components of some of the largest companies online, but have you ever considered just how many incredible domain names are owned by top brands? An investor has published a quick overview of some of the best names owned by the likes of Amazon, Disney, and AT&T.

    Domain names listed here include,,,,, and

    Topic by: @JudgeMind

    I Sold Two .TV Names This Week

    A prominent .TV investor, who has previously sold domains such as for six-figures, has posted details of two of his latest .TV sales. One domain was sold for $5,000 whilst the other name's sales price couldn't be revealed. Since the names have only just been sold, there are no clues as to the identities of the two buyers.

    Further on in this discussion, the seller has answered some questions about their .TV portfolio and how they handle inbound inquiries. If you've ever considered .TV as an investment, this may be a useful resource.

    Topic by: @donnied79

    Did I Sell Too Cheap?

    This is an age-old question that some domain investors often ask themselves after a sale, especially if the domain name they sold forms the base for a valuable company. In this discussion, a new investor sold a domain for $3,000 and has asked the community for advice on whether they sold their domain name too cheap.

    From my own point of view, I would say that the question of selling cheaply is completely subjective and personal. Sales data and valuations can play a role in your decision to accept or reject an offer, but ultimately I believe it comes down to your own circumstances, how long you've owned the domain, how many previous offers you've received, and your original purchase price.

    Topic by: @namesprout

    Bitcoin Investment Firm Acquires

    Joseph Carroll, the co-founder of Brandmo and former Flippa staff member, announced that he has helped a company acquire the domain after posting a request for domain names up to $450,000.

    The ultimate sales price of is undisclosed but with a budget of up to $450,000, the sale of is sure to be at least a low-mid six-figure sale. The new owners are already putting the name to good use.

    Topic by: @Joseph Carroll

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  6. Michael Ehrhardt

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  7. Bob Hawkes

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    Thanks for a great rundown as always @James Iles and I found the two sales that you mention really interesting. Here are my thoughts about the Kudos one (which are slightly different from those others provided in replies on your Twitter feed).

    First from the buyer perspective. I agree 100% that the Canadian based company has made a fantastic strategic move in acquiring Kudos. The name fits them perfectly since they offer services to companies in the area of improving employee morale and retention by offering effective employee recognition programs. While Canadian based they operate globally and Kudos is the perfect name. They seem to have already acquired the .net and the .org as well (and I think it is them with the .online too). Surprisingly they have not acquired the .ca even though it is listed for sale.

    Now let's look at the selling company. Most replies on your Twitter think they made a very bad decision to give up Kudos, but I have a different take on it. The product they offer is a friendly and safe environment for kids and tweens to share pictures, drawings, etc., kind of like Instagram for kids. As far as I can see their only product is an iOS and Android app. The move to an .app is not totally surprising. Re Kudos, to me the name while great for the B2B Canadian company is not as great a fit for a kids oriented product. Probably also they made a lot of change by selling their name to use to develop their venture.

    Now I do wonder about the spotlite branding, especially since they seem to be going to write it as spot.lite all small letters and with a dot between. That seems confusing to me as is their site as you point out. I understand the meaning of an analogy of a spotlight on student creations, but the details to me are not perfect.

    Anyway, my, too long :xf.wink:, thoughts on this. Would love to hear what others think of the rebranding from both angles.

    Thanks again,

  8. PhongSGC

    PhongSGC Top Contributor VIP

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    I'm new so I only hope I have a good sale to give me more confidence in this industry, currently its cheap not important but maybe in future
  9. oskaaay

    oskaaay Founder,

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    Thanks for the compilation. It interesting the .tv extension is getting sold for such figures
  10. navrajvir

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  11. navrajvir

    navrajvir New Member

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    raletta technology
  12. DpakH

    DpakH Established Member

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    Thanks for the information.

  13. DN_Hunter

    DN_Hunter Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Thanks for the info.

    I like the final choice for the Bitcoin Investment Firm. Much Kudos to @Joseph Carroll
  14. IPBFlippers

    IPBFlippers Established Member

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    We keep learning something new in the domain business every day. Thank you for sharing.
  15. enterscope

    enterscope Domain Investments

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    Great acquisition with lots of potential uses with that one. Exciting to see it used in the blockchain space.
  16. .X.

    .X. In God I Trust VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Not knowing the exact price the buyer paid makes it hard to evaluate just how great of a deal they got. If they paid their top budget price, they have got to be very very happy with the acquisition of

    450k is a very good buy IMO

    ROI should happen fairly quickly IMO
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2019
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