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Top Topics: The Reported $8,133,000 Domain Sale; Who’s the Best Registrar?...

By James Iles, Mar 7, 2020
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    In this week’s Top Topics, we feature the news of the reported $8,133,000 domain sale that investor George Kirikos unveiled. This sale surpasses that of the $8 million fee paid, which I revealed on this blog several years ago. The new sale sits firmly on the list of the largest publicly-disclosed domain sales of all time.

    I Sold $55,000 Worth of Domains in February

    For EmpireNames, it’s an extremely profitable start to the year. After posting $16,000 worth of sales in January, they have now revealed that in February, they sold a total of $55,000 worth of domains. This includes a $20,000 two-word .COM sale, and a $7,500 profit within 24 hours.

    In this discussion, EmpireNames’ @Riz M. shares every single sale and acquisition that the company made in February. It’s rare for a larger investor to share their domain transactions in such detail, so this is a perfect chance for readers to review the purchases and sales to see whether there’s anything from EmpireNames’ strategy that can be implemented to make improve your own investment blueprint.

    Topic by: @Riz M.

    Poll: Who Is the Best Registrar In the Business? 2020 Edition

    In the domain industry, everyone has an opinion on who the best registrar is. The company that you trust to keep your domain names protected, and who also offer competitive renewal pricing, and simple domain transfers.

    Here,’s editor Raymond Hackney has created a poll to ask the community to vote on their favorite domain name registrar. There are a total of twenty different registrars to pick from. Who will get your vote?

    Topic by: @equity78

    My Afternic Experiment, Part Two: February

    Last month, we featured a discussion from AbdulBasit Makrani, a successful domain investor who started an experiment that other domainers may be interested in following. The experiment consisted of moving his landing pages from Uniregistry’s Market to Afternic to see whether there would be a positive or negative impact on sales.

    February’s results, which have been published in this discussion, include sales data from the month as well as thoughts on how Afternic has handled the 550 inquiries that AbdulBasit has received via the platform.

    Topic by: Reportedly Acquired for $8.13 Million

    Domain investor and diligent researcher George Kirikos has a history of uncovering monster domain sales. In the past, he has disclosed sales such as the $2.1 million sale of These sales, which wouldn’t have been reported publicly otherwise, act as real world proof of the power and value of premium domain names.

    This week, George has uncovered another sale, that of for $8,133,000, a deal closed in 2019. After sifting through an SEC filing, George found details of the acquisition. Although the domain name wasn’t explicitly mentioned, it is extremely likely that the name was, based on George’s own research.

    In this discussion, George publishes his findings for the domain community to review. If this sale is charted by DNJournal, it will be the second largest sale of 2019 after the record breaking $30 million sale.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

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    Thanks for sharing. George Kirikos findings are a great addition to our knowledge.
  7. PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Thank you so much @James Iles for the mention once again.

    I'm so happy with this change because after the Fast Transfers have been enabled for domains registered with Uniregistry, I'm seeing better start to March compare to last couple of months. Not 100% sure if the better results of the first 8 days of March are due to Fast Transfers which gives you a lot more exposure at many more Afternic partner registrars or if it's something usual. I'll come to know when I'll get the report early next month. was definitely a blockbuster sale and the price justifies that.
  8. Samer

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    Good stuff James,

    i wonder if saved money, since pre-Corona.

    Is it even more premium than $8.133M now?

    Last edited: Mar 8, 2020
  9. DpakH

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    Thanks and very informative
  10. Zagalee

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    Thanks for giving us summary the week.
  11. The Durfer

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  12. QuestFuture

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  13. ThatNameGuy

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    Interesting Abdul...i just got an email that made it through my "Spam Filter" and here is how it reads;

    From: Subject: can Help you Find the BEST coverage

    Just as interesting is that leads to where you can buy all kinds of insurance including health insurance. leads to a site that generates leads health for insurance agents similar to the way leads to real estate sales agents and the homes they list nationwide. Both these names are worth millions because of the business they can generate in their respective industries.
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