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Top Topics: The Intriguing Story of; I Received an Offer 1 Hour After Acquisition...

By James Iles, Apr 19, 2020
  1. The domain sold at an expiry auction this week for $9,999. The name certainly has a prestigious history. According to DomainIQ, the domain was owned by Nat Cohen's Telepathy Inc until July 2017, when was acquired by Macmillan Publishers for their Pronoun self-publishing platform.

    This was likely a mid-five-figure purchase or higher. By November 2017, Macmillan announced that Pronoun was to close down. It's rare to see a domain acquired so close to the termination of a service. After less than three years in Macmillan's possession, the domain expired and sold for $9,999 at auction.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    I Received an Offer 1 Hour After Registering This Domain

    It's a dream scenario for many investors. Just an hour after registering a domain name, it receives an offer. This offer is legitimate, and even if you don't accept the initial offer, it is affirming that you are registering domains that end users may be interested in acquiring.

    This situation happened to a domainer recently, who has shared their story of receiving an offer just an hour after registering a name. This discussion also goes on to describe the steps that he took next, and how he countered.

    Topic by: @Makbliss

    A Major Change is Coming to GoDaddy WHOIS

    Since the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), many domain name registrars have completely obscured the public data records for domain owners. GoDaddy, for example, has obscured the majority of information about a domain name's owner if they live within the GDPR jurisdiction zone, which is the European Union.

    Renowned investor and blogger Elliot Silver revealed this week that GoDaddy is due to completely remove WHOIS information access from its website. This affects all domains, not just those with owners in the European Union. GoDaddy is the world's largest registrar, so this is something that will have a major impact on research, and due diligence, in particular.

    Topic by: @EJS

    World Health Organization Does Not Use Their Domain

    COVID-19 being the dominating topic on the news, social media, and anywhere else you may care to mention. One of the major groups that is synonymous with the fight against COVID-19 is the World Health Organization (WHO). According to SimilarWeb, the World Health Organization's website received ten times more traffic in March 2020 than it did in January 2020.

    This week, a domain investor noticed that the WHO owns, but does has not put it to use at all, despite SimilarWeb estimating that the domain received 150,000 visitors in March 2020, compared with 3,000 in December 2019.

    The WHO operates on, but given the traffic data, it's surprising that they haven't at least redirected to their main website. What do you think about this?

    Topic by: @OceanKing

    I Received an Email Threatening to Attack My Domain

    If you received an email threatening to attack your domain, what would you do? Would you assume it was a scam and move on, or would you look at it more seriously? This week, an investor revealed that they had received an email from someone who allegedly hacked their website, and is threatening to attack their domain if they didn't pay a $1,500 fee in Bitcoin.

    The general feedback from investors seems to be that this is a scam. However, it does underline the importance of using added security measures such as 2FA (two-factor authentication) and strong passwords to guard your domain registrar accounts.

    Topic by: @lovely4ever

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