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In this week's Top Topics, domain name investors give their opinion on Rick Schwartz's latest cryptocurrency related domain name purchases, and we find some excellent recommendations for tools and services relating to outbound domain sales. Elsewhere, domainers speculate on the future of four-letter .COM's after Chinese Premium (CHIP) domains fell below $1,000 recently.

The Future of Four-Letter .COM’s

In 2015, four-letter .COM's became highly desirable thanks to the popularity of short names amongst Chinese domain investors. This popularity saw prices climb to a high of over $2,500 per four-letter CHIP domain before falling below $1,000 in August 2017.

Here, investors are speculating on the future of four-letter .COM domain names as a whole. Some are suggesting that higher quality names will continue to hold value, whilst others will continue their decline. What do you think?

Topic by: @Nikhil Jain

Rick Schwartz Buys

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have a popular topic. With Bitcoin making global headlines thanks to a meteoric rise in valuation over the past week, some domainers have started to focus their attentions on cryptocurrency investment.

Rick Schwartz has been vocal about his support of Bitcoin, and this week he has started acquiring "coin" related domain names. In this discussion, domainers are reacting to Rick's latest acquisition,, and related crypto coin domain sales.

Topic by: @Doughmange

Do You Support GoDaddy's Decision?

This week, one of the largest news stories in domaining has been GoDaddy's and subsequently Google's decision to terminate the registration of one a Neo-Nazi website's domain name.

Here, domainers have been taking part in a poll to see whether the majority of investors agree with GoDaddy's decision to deny a service.

Topic by: @Internet.Domains

It's Hard to Buy a Good Domain!

There has been an undeniable increase in competition at auction houses and drop catching services, meaning that investors have to contend with more buyers when trying to acquire domains.

One investor has voiced their frustrations at the increased competition, complaining that it is far harder to buy a good domain name now. Other investors have also raised concerns in this discussion.

Topic by: @GeorgeQuang

Which Tools Do You Use to Find End Users?

If you regularly perform outbound sales, you may have your own set of tools and services that you use in order to find potential buyers for your domain.

Which tools are your favorites? Here, a domainer is asking for suggestions for tools to make outbound sales a simpler process.

Topic by: @development

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