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Top Topics: The Dangers of Trends; I Sold 38 Domains to a Single Buyer...

By James Iles, Jul 7, 2018
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    Yesterday, we reported on the likely sale that took place recently. As expected, there was wide interest from the domain industry in this sale, including some fascinating Twitter comments from @MediaOptions CEO Andrew Rosener, in which he revealed that he knew of a $10 million cash offer that was rejected by the former owner of

    That information would lead us to speculate that the sale would have been valued in the eight-figure range, although no official confirmation has been given.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    How Much Did Sell For?

    In June, Elliot Silver (@EJS) of broke the news that Yellow Capital acquired the one-word name from the Internet Real Estate Ltd in a deal brokered by Chris Zuiker of Media Options.

    Unfortunately, the price was not revealed, but this discussion is speculating on the sales price by asking the community to vote on the value of As of writing, the majority think that the value lies between $500,000 and $1 million. Do you agree?

    Topic by: @Addison

    38 Domains to a Single Buyer

    In the domain industry, it's a real possibility to sell more than one domain name to the same buyer. Thanks to good communication and networking, producing regular sales to the same buyer can provide a regular revenue stream.

    Here, an investor is showing the strategy behind selling a whole host of names to the same buyer. Something that perhaps other domainers can take inspiration from.

    Topic by: @Arpit131


    The Dangers of Trends

    Trends in domain names can be profitable if your strategy is correct. Recently, domainers have capitalised on sales in virtual reality, marijuana and cryptocurrency trends with some investors such as @Mike Mann producing six figure sales.

    However, trends can be dangerous territory and this discussion warns of the perils of concentrating on domaining trends. Instead, this investor advocates concentrating on high quality names that will outlast any trend. Do you agree?

    Topic by: @MapleDots

    Help Me Value My One-Word Domain

    Every so often, long time owners of valuable .COM domains ask the community for advice about their domain names. In this case, the owner of is asking for more information on the value of the domain after using the name for twenty years.

    According to the discussion, the owner has used several automated appraisals but investors quickly warned the owner of their reliability. What do you value this name at?

    Topic by:

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