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In this week's Top Topics, domain investors are voting for their favorite registrar after polls opened last week. Elsewhere, we look at products and services that the domain industry needs but doesn't have, and what are the best domain valuation tools?

What Does the Domain World Need That We Don’t Have Already?

The domain name industry is packed with innovators creating new products and services to help domain name investors to improve. Whether that’s a new marketplace, a landing page service, or portfolio management,

What’s missing, though? Here, writer Bob Hawkes is looking for input from domain investors to determine what the industry needs that doesn’t already exist.

Topic by: @Bob Hawkes

The Best Domain Valuation Tools

Speaking of innovation in the domain industry, there are several resources out there that help investors determine the value of their domain names, but which is best?

In this discussion, we’re looking at the best domain valuation tools that are available and which ones domain investors rely on. Do you depend on NameBio, or do you use an automated appraisal tool, too?

Topic by: @Broth Investing

Your Favorite Registrar of the Year

It’s that time of year again to start casting your vote for your favorite domain name registrar. The annual poll, created by @equity78, gives investors an opportunity to back their favorite by voting for one of the dozens of listed registrars.

Last year, Dynadot came first by quite a way, with 48.7% of the vote, with NameCheap and Epik in second and third, respectively. The largest registrar, GoDaddy, came sixth. Who will win this year?

Topic by: @equity78

The Category No One is Talking About

Dozens of domain name trends and niches get discussed every week, but one domainer thinks that there is a category that no one is talking about, and that’s auto-link generation by platforms such as WhatsApp.

By typing a period instead of a space, you can accidentally create a string that a system may identify as a domain name. According to this investor, this has led to several of their domain names receiving far more traffic than they should.

Topic by: @postscripter

If Ad Blocking is Prevalent, Should We Avoid Parked Pages to Sell Domains?

Millions of internet users worldwide are actively employing blocking software to remove unwanted ads on web pages. In fact, according to Statista, around 30-40% of internet users in most countries are using ad blockers.

With ad blocking technology so widely used, it does affect the visibility of parked pages for domain names. Some ad blockers, for example, leave parked pages entirely blank. Is it best to avoid parked pages if you’re looking to sell domains?

Topic by: @LoveCatchyDomains

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To clarify here, the major issue raised here was whether to the use of an ad-parking service could be deleterious for sales. So many of the ad-parking services provide the option to provide a link for a sale, but if their nameservers are blocked completely, the lander may not be seen by many.
The reassuring commentary from one member is that they found only two major ad-parking companies where that was the case. There were clearly other even larger ones that were not affected by one of the largest adblockers out there.
Thanks, again, for posting the discussion summary.
Landing pages single page sites never have any real effect as never have enough content. The merit of the name itself should be the drive to be a type in. Selling a domain from someone spotting it in a list isn't even close to typing it out. Content is king and us domainers keep trying to get around it when nothing compares to real work.